Chelsea fans convince selves of Costa ban harshness

Whole thing found to be terribly unfair after mental gymnastics.

Diego Costa, star of the Diego Costa ban
HARD DONE BY: Stampy McStamperson (Image: Ultraslansi)

Chelsea fans have successfully convinced themselves of the harshness of the three-match Diego Costa ban that threatens to derail their season, it has been confirmed.

The disciplinary action, punitive, was meted out in response the Spaniard’s Brazilian’s striker’s apparent stamps on Liverpool duo Martin Škrtel and Emre Can during Tuesday’s League Cup semi-final second leg game at Anfield.

Costa will miss this evening’s potential title six-pointer against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge as well as further matches against Aston Villa and Everton – but, having carried out the requisite mental gymnastics, Chelsea fans can now comfort themselves with the notion that it’s all terribly unfair.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, one Chelsea fan labelled the Costa ban “a terrifying glimpse into a dystopian future”.

He said: “It’s a terrifying glimpse into a dystopian future.

“It’s trial by media, basically, and I think it’s a tremendously dangerous precedent to be setting – even more so than stamping on people, I reckon.

“He wasn’t even looking, for goodness’s sake. How are you supposed to stamp on an opponent you’re not even looking at?

“And why should his concern be for where his opponent is at all times? That’s not his business, he should be thinking of himself and himself only.

“What about Agüero? He stamped on Mark Noble while looking him practically in the eyes, and he got away scot-free.”

Actually, he had a point with that last one.