Ched Evans to retire controversial ‘Ched Evans’ character

Prospective Sheff Utd returnee had come under fire for depiction of lowlife who does disgusting things like visit Rhyl.

Ched Evans griller Emily Maitlis
CONFRONTATIONAL: Newsnight presenter Maitlis (Image: Gothick)

Ched Evans has told Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis that he plans to retire his controversial ‘Ched Evans’ character.

The prospective Sheffield United returnee has come under fire for his depiction of a deplorable lowlife who does disgusting things like:

  • Going to Rhyl
  • Having non-consensual sex with unconscious women in hotels there
  • Other stuff, probably

However, he now plans to withdraw his creation from our screens in order to focus on firing the Blades back up to the Championship on a wave of adulation and chants of “he shags who he wants” from sections of the Bramall Lane faithful.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Ched Evans refuted Newsnight presenter Maitlis’s claims that the character Ched Evans was in fact an extension of himself, Ched Evans.

He said: “She kept pointing that out to me, that I’d apparently once described Ched Evans as being an exaggerated version of myself, Ched Evans.

“But that’s nonsense. Ched Evans is a character – just like my other characters Chad Evans, Ed Chevans and Blorx the Bashful Swamp Sleuth – and nothing more than that.

“He was a figment of my imagination that gained popularity in certain circles, that’s all, and now it’s time to focus on other projects such as gainful employment.

“That Maitlis was blatantly gagging for it, and by ‘it’ I mean televised confrontation.”