Bales call for independence referendum as Wales fail to qualify for World Cup

Gareth's namesakes mobilise after defeat to Republic of Ireland.

Gareth Bale playing for Wales
PLEBISCITE? Bale (Image: Steindy)

Bales have looked into the possibility of formally separating from Wales in order that their star player Gareth can play at the World Cup.

Chris Coleman’s Welsh side failed to qualify for next summer’s tournament in Russia after losing 0-1 to Republic of Ireland, who progress to the playoffs.

Key to their failure was an injury to Gareth Bale, who now finds himself at the centre of a potential political flashpoint.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Alun Bale, a Bale from Pontypridd, stressed the need for an emergency independence referendum.

He said: “Surely we’re all agreed that next year’s World Cup would be a much poorer event without Gareth Bale.

“The way we see it, this is still a possibility if we Bales mobilise to formally separate from Wales by any means necessary.

“There’s only really Gareth among us who can play football, but then we’ve seen him form competitive one-man teams with Wales and Spurs in the past.

“Perhaps Bales could play Catalonia in a playoff, unless they still account for half the Barcelona team and would most likely stuff us.

“I should probably check up on that before sticking it in the manifesto.”