Arsenal fans: “We will celebrate if Bendtner scores against us”

All agree it would be a tremendously Arsenal thing to happen.

Nicklas Bendtner scoring against Arsenal would be cause for celebrations
BACK: Bendtner (Image: Wonker)

Arsenal fans have confirmed they fully intend to celebrate if Nicklas Bendtner scores against them for Nottingham Forest tomorrow night.

The Danish Lord has decided to take the scenic route to his inevitable Ballon d’Or, washing up at the Championship club.

While he has announced he will celebrate if he scores in the League Cup tie, Gunners supporters announced they’ll celebrate even harder.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Gaz, a sarcastic Arsenal fan from Islington, swore blind he’d get a tattoo to mark the occasion.

He said: “Bendtner scoring the winner against us would be such an unbelievably Arsenal thing to happen.

“That kind of things feels like part of our identity, and if you can’t celebrate your club’s identity then what can you celebrate?

“Even if he scores a late consolation, I’ll run to Nottingham with my shirt over my head and buy everyone in the city a Jägerbomb.

“If they somehow sign Emmanuel Eboué in time then I might just explode.”