Anton Now the Nation’s Favourite Ferdinand, According to Poll

Anton Ferdinand now the nation's favourite Ferdinand.
Ferdinand... Huge swing (Image courtesy of spaceamoeba)

Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand has been crowned the nation’s favourite Ferdinand, according to a poll on ratemyferdinand.com, the UK’s premier Ferdinand-ranking database.

Ferdinand, an Aquarius, had trailed badly behind the frontrunner Ferdinands ever since his controversial interpretation of the Soulja Boy ‘Crank’ in 2007, but a combination of his run-in with eminent pantomime villain John Terry and his brother Rio’s gradual fall from grace has resulted in a huge swing in his favour that now sees him topping the table for the first time since his sympathy-generating penalty shoot-out miss in the 2006 FA Cup final against Liverpool.

Leading Ferdinandologist James Brush said: “The public were always going to side with Anton given the allegedly racist nature of Mr Terry’s comments but the former England captain is now unpopular on such a mass scale that I’ve personally been forwarded at least three separate online petitions demanding that Anton be made Prime Minister.

“Factor in Rio’s dwindling ability at the top level and it’s no surprise to see Anton shake off Crankgate and claim the top spot.”

A delighted Anton Ferdinand said: “I was made up to hear about the huge swing in my favour and I can’t wait to put it up in my garden next to the waterslide and the go-kart track.”

Those latest Ferdinand rankings in full:

1. Anton
2. Les
3. Franz (band)
4. Rio
5. Ferdinand II (King of Aragon 1479–1516)
6. Franz (Archduke)