Andy Carroll injury seals massive bingo payout

Punter also staked on collapsed Liverpool title challenge and opening day Arsenal defeat.

An Andy Carroll injury proved lucrative for one lucky punter
CROCKED: Carroll (Image: Egghead06)

One lucky punter stands to win a huge bingo payout thanks to the latest Andy Carroll injury, we can reveal.

The gambler had also staked on Liverpool’s title challenge collapsing before October and Arsenal losing at home on opening day.

With Sunderland already in a dogfight and Diego Costa acting up, the winnings could reach well into the millions.

Had the card included an offensive tweet from a former non-league striker, the figure could have been into the billions.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, a spokesperson for football bingo admitted they should have seen it all coming.

She said: “You kind of expect everything you expect to happen not to happen, if that makes any sense.

“Looking back, we probably shouldn’t have offered an Andy Carroll injury alongside an Arsenal fail and Costa incident.

“We’re just counting our lucky stars Alan Pardew hasn’t called someone a c**t because we’d be bankrupt.”