Homophobic Andre Gray tweet “not offensive in Burnley”

Residents of Lancashire town accuse offended parties of living in "metropolitan bubble".

Here's the author of the homophobic Andre Gray tweet
WAS ANTI-GAY: Gray (Image: Jon Candy)

Burnley residents have accused those offended by the homophobic Andre Gray tweet of “living in a metropolitan bubble”.

The Clarets striker was found to have tweeted in 2012: “Is it just me or are there gays everywhere? #burn #die #makesmesick”.

Although offensive to the club’s manager, a known Dyche, locals of the Lancashire market town couldn’t understand the fuss.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Liam, a Burnley fan from Burnley, leapt to the Andre Gray tweet’s defence.

He said: “What’s clear for all to see is that the lad scores goals, so how could he be wrong?

“I don’t know about you, but where I’m from there’s nowt wrong with a spot of historical hate speech.

“Just last week I said to our Linda we should burn more homosexuals to death in case of floods.

“You southerners in your cosmopolitan (sic) bubble, with your EU and your kale, you don’t know you’re born.

“Maybe some people take issue with the method. Is burning really the most efficient way to murder a homosexual?

“Probably not, but that’s no reason to sully the name of a good striker.”

He added: “At least we don’t advocate burning blacks like the name of the town next door.”

Gray yesterday scored his first Premier League goal in a 2-0 win over Liverpool, who were quick to offer their support.

Kenny Dalglish said: “Burnley should probably get some T-shirts made up, to be honest.

“I know a guy if they’d like me to put them in touch.”

A southerner said: “What’s a metropolitan bubble? Is it a type of cocktail?

“Sounds ‘lish.”

Andre Gray refused to comment on speculation that his homophobia stems from a schoolboy nickname.