12 more Manchester United supporters convinced by Fellaini

Will now join the 16 people won over by his goal at West Brom the other week in citing him as "a useful option".

12 more Manchester United supporters have been won over by this guy
HAIR: Fellaini (Image: Erik Drost)

Manchester United supporters were this morning waking up to the news that twelve more of their fellow fans have now been won over by Marouane Fellaini.

The Belgian, hirsute, continued to rekindle his Old Trafford career with a strong showing in yesterday’s 1-0 defeat at Manchester City, give or take the six penalties he might have conceded had Satan not recently reverted to Red Devildom.

While the majority of Man Utd supporters continue to cling to their hastily arrived-at impression of Fellaini as “sh*te”, it is being reported that anything up to a dozen of them have now reconsidered.

According to various sources, those twelve people will now join the sixteen fans won over by Fellaini’s goal at West Brom in citing the former Everton man as “a good option for where we’re at now”.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Amangkurat, a Man Utd supporter from Indonesia, rubbished suggestions that United are currently anything other than the crème de la crème of world football.

He prattled: “If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have started with Fellaini yesterday.

“Not when we had Cristiano Ronaldo offering to tear up his Real Madrid contract and return on a free just prior to kick-off.

“Or so I am led to believe by a number of scarcely followed Twitter accounts.”