Top 5 Steven Gerrard Chelsea fails

In honour of that slip.

Steven Gerrard Chelsea fails are preceded by this sort of scene
This dance traditionally takes place before a Steven Gerrard Chelsea calamity (Image: Mark Freeman)

Have you seen the latest Steven Gerrard Chelsea fail? The Liverpool captain’s costly slip allowed Demba Ba to open the scoring in Sunday’s 0-2 defeat to José Mourinho’s under-strength Blues.

Needless to say it’s one of our top 5 Steven Gerrard Chelsea disasters, which shall be titled according to what their names would be if they were either a progressive rock bands or a type of popular dance.

Steven Gerrard of course almost signed for Chelsea in 2005, but stayed when someone burnt his shirt or something slightly insane like that.

The Steven Gerrard Chelsea Slip

Do the Steven Gerrard Chelsea slip! It’s spawned a million and one jokes and memes already, and it’s punctuated in this video with a Nelsonesque ‘ha ha’ shortly afterwards…

The Steven Gerrard Chelsea Back Pass

Straight to Didier Drogba, this one went – also in a 0-2 victory for Chelsea at Anfield.

Incidentally, you can chant “Steven Gerrard Chelsea Back Pass” to the tune and rhythm of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

The Steven Gerrard Chelsea Own Goal

As performed to perfection in the 2009 League Cup final, whatever it was sponsored by and thereby known as at the time…

The Steven Gerrard Chelsea Mascot Handshake Snub

Does exactly what it says on the tin. By which we mean in the heading.


As they say.

The Steven Gerrard Chelsea Injury

As incurred in a 1-1 draw last season, and furthermore inflicted by his erstwhile teammate and dovetailer Fernando Torres…

That’s your lot.