Top 10 Joey Barton Twitter rants

Featuring rants at Mark Hughes, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, Thiago Silva, Dietmar Hamann and more!

Joey Barton, central to our top 10 Joey Barton Twitter rants
Corner… Joey Barton loves fighting his (Image: MT Hietala)

Joey Barton Twitter rants are as much a part of the modern game as Prozone stats and fluorescent boots, so it was no surprise to see the QPR midfielder tearing into Stoke City manager Mark Hughes yesterday.

Here for your delectation are nine more such meltdowns, thus completing a quite spectacular top 10…

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…on QPR’s relegation from the Premier League:

As you can see, Barton’s disregard for Hughes is nothing new…

I can’t believe QPR have just been relegated and Boswinga was walking down the tunnel laughing! Embarrassing. Show some guts man…

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 28, 2013

Gutted for the club. To many wankers amongst the playing staff. All brought in by Hughes. Some good lads but not enough. Too many maggots

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 28, 2013

Hope they can get a load out, if not they’ll end up in a Wolves situation because trust me that Championship is a f*cking hard league!

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 28, 2013

Lot of those within that dressing room, have to have a good long look in the mirror. Spoke to a few o the better lads over the course of…

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 28, 2013

…the season an it seems things just became ridiculous in the end. Its seems an awful lot must change if they are to have any chance…

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 28, 2013

…of turning it around next year. The club needs to change from top to bottom. I wish them every success in doing that. #QPR

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 28, 2013

Believe it or not I am actually gutted for QPR. I reckon more than some of the current playing squad.

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 28, 2013

Some good people at that club. They just trusted the wrong people. And got royally fucked over. I did tell them this would happen in August

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 28, 2013

…on Neil Warnock:

Hughes isn’t the only former QPR manager that Barton’s taken to task on Twitter – he launched the following broadside after Warnock appeared to blame him, and indeed the culture of footballers airing their views on Twitter, for his dismissal from the Loftus Road hot seat…

Lost his job and the guy is blaming everyone but himself! Embarrassing, time to look in the mirror mate. Last thing we need right now.

Not a big fan of people that try to make scapegoats out of others. If u live by the sword, u die by it. If I talked about Neil, he’d do well to get another job. Twitter cost him his job???? I can think of a million other things! #shutitwarnock

Neil Warnock saying I talk to much. Now that is funny #mikebassett.

…on Dietmar Hamann:

Barton blew his top when his former Manchester City teammate told him off for tweeting about about Loïc Rémy’s transfer to either Queens Park Rangers or Newcastle United.

Unable to stop himself from continuously escalating the feud, Barton openly accused the German of smoking spliffs the night before matches and frittering his money away on cocaine and gambling.

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…on Thiago Silva:

When Paris Saint-Germain’s Brazilian defender gave the following quotes to French publication L’Équipe…

I can hear a lot of people criticising the Selecao [Brazilian squad]. There is even a Marseille player, I can not remember his name, an Englishman, who has said bad things about Neymar, and Brazilian football, but also about Beckham and Ibra [Ibrahimovic].

As no one is talking about him, it seems fun to him to criticise great players for people to know he exists. It gives me much more desire to win to silence that Englishman. What does he know about Brazilian football? I don’t remember having played against him in the national team.

…Barton hit back by describing him as looking like “an overweight ladyboy” in a series of tweets that earned him a two-game ban…

Thiago Silva. That the same pussy thatsbeen injured all season. Another over rated Brazilian. Sort your hamstrings out FatBoy…

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 2, 2013

Have to take back what I said about Thiago Silva being over rated today. Been immense tonight. Still looks like a overweight ladyboy though!

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 2, 2013

2 questions for Thiago Silva. Firstly, Why are YOU talking about ME, in your press conference before PSG v Barca? Very strange.

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 3, 2013

Secondly, Are you Pre-Op or Post-Op?#transsexual #thiagosaladyboy

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 3, 2013

Baffles me, which way he’s going. Is he a man changing to a woman or a woman changing to a man? Can’t work it out.

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 3, 2013

…on Manchester City:

Barton tore into his old club for becoming “a billionaire Emirati family’s plaything” with “no soul”, stating that he lost respect for the club’s fans when they welcomed Carlos Tevez back after his self-imposed exile…

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…on Alan Shearer:

When the Match of the Day pundit and former England striker criticised Barton in the wake of his infamous on-pitch meltdown while playing for QPR at Manchester City, Barton built up the following head of steam…

Shearers still on my case…I know I f*cked up Alan, thanks for stating the obvious. Whilst were both stating the obvious about each other, can I just say for the record what a great player u were. Well better than me…

But I have a better hair(which is not hard), wear well better shirts on TV and have a personality(something u lack).

I really don’t like that prick, in fact I honestly despise him… I’d take it off Hansen and Gary Lineker but not from that bell, same fella that stamped on Neil Lennon,then threatened FA if they banned him that he would retire from international football.

No sorry, not having him, never have. Selfish, boring man him. He can do one. My favourite memory of him though is when he dropped his spuds when Keano put it on him. Goodnight Al, sleep well matey…

…on Gary Lineker:

The Match of the Day host leapt to Shearer’s defence with the following tweet directed at Barton…

Still raging then? Still kicking out? And still, presumably, misunderstood? But only by yourself I suspect.

That was enough to refuel the controversial player’s anger and he responded with a string of venomous retorts that included a threat to reveal the skeletons in the former England striker’s closet…

“do u wanna go there publicly “Mr Squeaky Clean” ? Think u should have a look in that vast closet of skeltons before u respond.

I know a lot about THAT side to u the people don’t and won’t bat an eye lid at exposing u. So mind ur manners Squeaky…now back under your stone you odious little toad…

…on homosexuality:

Barton took less than kindly to a tongue-in-cheek suggestion from journalist Martin Samuel that he should come out as gay.

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…on squatters:

When squatters took up residence in his London house while it was being renovated, Barton labelled them “a firm of cheeky, heroin-riddled barstewards” and threatened to set tarantulas on them…

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