Top 10 sad David Moyes pictures

Documenting Moyes's various nadirs as Manchester United manager - and some Everton-era snaps too.

Sad David Moyes
“Is it because I lied when I was 17?” (Image: BohemianFC)

Liverpool fan? Manchester City fan? Embittered Everton fan? Boy, have we got some sad David Moyes pictures for you.

Real sad.


It’s been a far from glittering first season for the Alex Ferguson replacement, his latest of many nadirs arriving in the Manchester United 0-3 Manchester City game last night that’s got everyone talking.

Furthermore, the whole sorry mess has been documented with a series of tragedy-tinged tableaux, as reproduced and explained for you here in our round-up of the top 10 sad David Moyes pictures…

The Sad Cowboy

So affected was Moyes by the latest derby defeat that he completely lost his rag and tried to draw pistols that just weren’t there.

All with a touch of Yosemite Sam farce about it, to boot.

The Silent Prayer

Might as well try, eh? Unfortunately, God supports whichever team is most omnipotent at any given time – and that certainly ain’t Manchester United right now.

The Wenger

Shut out the mean old world around you by disappearing into a nice, thick coat.

The Thumb Suck

Disappear figuratively back into the womb with this time-honoured procedure.

The Exasperated Face Clutch

Always a sign that things are going well.

The Try to Pull Your Own Nose Off

Because no one will be too harsh on a guy who’s lost his nose. You’d certainly dampen your criticism for the noseless.

The Folded Arms

Incidentally, that would be a good name for a pub.

The Folded Arms Side Profile

Incidentally, that would be a good name for a prog-rock band.

The Quick Groin Massage

Because, you know, how better to hop aboard an instant ride to your happy place than with a furtive fumble?

The Pat Your Head and Rub Your Groin at the Same Time

Surprisingly hard to do. Certainly distracts you from those last-minute equalisers by relegation candidates at Old Trafford.

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