Ten of the most entertaining Arsenal fan songs

Seemingly musically-inclined followers come up with variety of hits.

We've selected our favourite Arsenal fan songs as supporters take to the microphone

Debate over the appropriateness of Arsenal fan songs is raging right now after the release of yet another tune from their seemingly musically-inclined followers.

Whatever your view, here are ten that are sure to entertain for a variety of reasons.

Watch all the videos and hear all the Arsenal fan songs in this selection, as well as identifying the culpable persons involved in their creation, below.

Starting with the most recent notable contribution to the genre…

Gooners and We’re Gunning by Sonny Green featuring Heavy D

Gooners and we’re Gunning by Sonny Green featuring Heavy D. Video presented by CSMedia. Directed by Can Somer.

The Away Girlz by Away Girl Kayleigh

Santi Cazorla Song (Informer)

Written by @RoxyArms, supported by arsenalvision.co.uk.

Arsenal – Forever

Credited to @arsebang.

See also, the ChipMunk Remix:

Mesut Ozil – Shut Up

Promoted as a “parody version of Stormzy’s ‘Shut Up’ about Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil”.

Produced by @Gunnerblog. Lyrics by @gunnerpunner. Video by @TouchofOzil. Performed by @therealmrenigma. With thanks to @ashleygerlach and @druwakely.

Hot Stuff

We Are The Arsenal

Live + Breathe by The Away Boyz

Music Video for Live + Breathe, performed by The Away Boyz. Band members are Boban, Lady Kayleigh G, Camp Freddie & Majeeko. Directed by Camp Freddie.

Arsenal Song (North London Calling) by The Shadow Kabinet

An “anthem for Arsenal from North London singer/songwriter Steve Somerset and his one band band The Shadow Kabinet.”

Thierry Henry (P.I.M.P.)