Ten of the worst free kicks ever taken

Featuring hilariously bad efforts from Messi, Ronaldo, Huth, Earnshaw, Lafferty and others.

Seamus Kane took what must go down as one of the worst free kicks ever
That’s the ball, not the moon (Image: YouTube/Vadio IE)

Watch in wide-eyed incredulity the following ten videos rounding up some of the worst free kicks ever taken.

You may already have seen this work of art from Cheltenham against Tranmere the other day:

If that happened to whet your appetite for hilariously botched set piece routines, here are ten more of the worst free kicks ever attempted:

Robert Huth

He may have been a goal-scoring hero in Leicester’s recent wins at Spurs and Man City, but Huth got it oh so badly wrong against his old club Stoke:

Mind you, Danny Drinkwater’s intervention hardly helped matters. At least Huth had a sense of humour about it, but then that’s easy when you’ve won 3-0:

Nine times out of ten they creep inside the top corner … Honestly ;) #throwin

— robert huth (@robert_huth) January 23, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Even the world’s best players aren’t exempt from laughably bad free kick taking:

See? Overrated, the pair of them.

Evanildo Rodrigues

Somehow, the Al Jaish goalkeeper managed to put a free kick out for an opposition corner during a match against Al Rayyan:

That really does take some doing.

Kyle Lafferty

His goal-scoring heroics may have fired Northern Ireland to unlikely European Championships qualification, but Lafferty made himself look decidedly foolish during Norwich’s 1-0 win at Wigan in 2014:

Robert Earnshaw

Playing for Vancouver Whitecaps against Seattle Sounders, the former Wales striker might have impressed his nation’s rugby selectors with this effort:

NAC Breda

Not the finest exponent of the ‘barge the wall out of the way’ routine, this:

Pretty sure it’s not supposed to cannon into one of your own players.

FC Mulhouse

Three players step over the ball, but somehow none of them actually get round to taking the free kick:

Seamus Kane

The Camlough Rovers player tweeted after this shocker that he intended to give up free kicks for Lent:

Sam Corcoran

When it rains, it pours – at least it did for Chelmsford City’s Corcoran, who slips taking a free kick then has to watch in horror as Hayes and Yeading break away and score: