Six videos of Wayne Rooney acting

Ryan Reynolds kiss, bearded caravan dwelling, legend-spreading and other adventures.

Wayne Rooney acting in in one of his starring roles
ACTING: Rooney (Image: 21delapo)

What with his star turn getting kissed by Ryan Reynolds in an advert for the movie Deadpool, it’s time to look back over some classic Wayne Rooney acting videos.

Be it antihero-embracing, bearded caravan-dwelling or painfully stilted delivery, it seems Rooney’s your man if you want to spread awareness of your product.

So celebrate Manchester United’s and indeed England’s most marketable present player by watching the following clips of Wayne Rooney acting:

Deadpool dream

The Marvel comics protagonist plants a smacker on Rooney’s head while celebrating an imaginary goal in this UK ad for the film.

Casillero del Diablo

Surely the artistic zenith of Wayne Rooney’s acting career, this one – be amazed as he somehow manages to make Ryan Giggs and Patrice Evra look like credible thespians.

Nike “Write the Future” ad

Like 20th Century Fox with Deadpool, Nike were wise enough to hand Rooney a non-speaking role. He’s actually quite convincing as a fat, bearded bloke living in caravan, and as a reward he gets to rugby tackle the queen.

Slapping WWE wrestler Wade Barrett

As initiated so consummately by Sheamus.


You’ll have to wait for the end for Rooney to pipe up in this one.

Turkish Airlines

Rooney breathes a deep sigh of relief as his volleyed shot at a sleeping Sir Bobby Charlton’s head is dramatically saved by Edwin van der Sar.