The best Wilshere smoking jokes as Jack caught again

Pass the pipe and check out the latest jokes after Jack is caught with a shisha.

The Wilshere smoking jokes are back as Jack is pictured holding a shisha pipe
WANTS A SMOKE: Wilshere (Image: Jonathan Ross)

After being pictured holding a shisha pipe in a club, there are more Jack Wilshere smoking jokes about the footballer who just can’t seem to control himself.


These latest photos will anger Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger who has had to put up with several inhalation-based indiscretions, including goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny lighting up in the dressing room after their recent 2-0 defeat to Southampton.

Pass the pipe and check out these Wilshere smoking jokes after Jack is caught with a shisha:

"You can photograph me smoking shisha but please don't put it on Instagram." – Jack Wilshere, Libertine Club, 2015 pic.twitter.com/1TF88myH13

— Marathonbet (@marathonbet) February 4, 2015

I've just seen the Wilshere picture…… pic.twitter.com/PCecTzsrBa

— Alexis Bantchez (@PeteMartin1981) February 4, 2015

Wilshere pictured smoking a shisha and the media go crazy. Yet Cesc gets pictured smoking and nothing is said. pic.twitter.com/Dvcb9wxcTT

— MS19 (@mikesanz19) February 4, 2015

It's 10 years time, a 33 year old Jack Wilshere appears on an episode of 'where are they now?'Discussing the time he win MOTM vs Barca at 19

— . (@TalkOfTheBridge) February 4, 2015

I believe there is a small misunderstanding over the Wilshere pipe photo. He is little bit short-sighted and thought it was a shish kebab.

— Wenger Knows Best (@wengerknowsbest) February 4, 2015

100% guarantee that Jack Wilshere has done cocaine in the last six months.

— DaG (@Wrighty_8) February 4, 2015

Concentrate on being a footballer or smoke because it's 'cool'. It's a hard life for Jack Wilshere

— Simply Spurs (@Simply_Spurs) February 5, 2015

Jack Wilshere's real crime was wearing his baseball cap on backwards.

— John Brewin (@JohnBrewinESPN) February 5, 2015