Pundemonium! Our best and worst football smoking puns

Since Arsenal's Jack Wilshere was caught smoking, we got thinking on 'football smoking' puns and came up with a fair few.

E-Fag Ekoku
E-Fag Ekoku (Image: Xavierrap23)

As you will already know, Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere was pictured smoking outside a club – naturally, we got thinking on football smoking puns and came up with the following…

Our best and worst ‘football smoking’ puns

Gylfi Cig-urdsson, Tottenham Hotspur

Rickie Lambert and Butler, Southampton

E-Fag Ekoku, ex-Norwich City and Wimbledon

Pipe Guardiola, Bayern Munich manager

Camel Zayatte, ex-Sheffield Wednesday

Lorik Cancer, Lazio

Eric Cancer-na, ex-Leeds United and Manchester United

David Emphy-Seaman, ex-Arsenal

Richard Cough, ex-Everton, Rangers and Tottenham Hotspur

Gauloises Bohinen, ex-Derby County and Nottingham Forest

Steed Marlboro, Lyon

Paul Ro-Benson, Blackburn Rovers

Filter Jagielka, Everton

FC Twenty, Dutch side

Stadium of Lighter, Sunderland’s home ground

Mauricio Packet-ino, Southampton manager

Dirk Snout, Fenerbah├že

Match Le Tissier, ex-Southampton

Tobacco-ry Sagna, Arsenal

Nicotino Asprilla, ex-Newcastle United

Bryan Ruiz-la, Fulham

Damien Snuff, Fulham

Jobi McAsnuff, Reading

Alan McInhale-y, ex-Aston Villa and Celtic

Wes Brown, Sunderland

Raheem Sterling, Liverpool

Richard Dunne-hill, Queens Park Rangers

Edgar Davidoffs, Barnet manager

Craig Cigar-dner, Sunderland

Nathan Richmond, Norwich City

Leroy (May)Fer, Norwich City

Ledley (Super)King, ex-Tottenham Hotspur

Golden Virgi-Nyarko, ex-Everton

Barry SilkCut, renowned football agent

Alan Stubs, ex-Bolton Wanderers, Celtic and Everton

Ashtray Cole, Chelsea

Niemeyer, a Dutch tobacco company and Barcelona/Brazil star

Can you think of any more football/smoking puns? Have your say in that comments thing down there…