The best #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay tweets

Get that loving feeling with the best #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay tweets, bringing the magic of transfer deadline day to Valentine's Day.

Love - the basis for the best #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay tweets

Get that loving feeling with the best #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay tweets, bringing the magic of transfer deadline day to Valentine’s Day.

It’s signings, contract talks and Odemwingie galore at this special time:

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay BREAKING NEWS: Many clubs have sent the, "Hey Beautiful" text in a last attempt to sign someone ??

— Kiran (@KS__x) February 13, 2013

A few have used the buy back clause and have re signed their Ex #valentinestransferdeadlineday

— Gabriel Zakuani (@Gabs50Zakuani) February 13, 2013

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay certain guys be moving like Arsenal, no signings and sticking to the young ones

— ItsCrazyInTheDunya (@KCurwa) February 13, 2013

A few girls will be dipping into their 'Friend Zone' in order to secure a free transfer #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay

— Jordan Waller (@JwallerJ) February 13, 2013

The premier league are investigating tapping allegations via DM's and screen shots #valentinestransferdeadlineday

— Gabriel Zakuani (@Gabs50Zakuani) February 13, 2013

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay gonna do an Odemwingie and just turn up at a random girls house

— BASTILLEkieran (@asdfghjkieran) February 13, 2013

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay closed pic.twitter.com/YxQdBCQs

— Lawson Okimeji? (@LawsonOkimeji) February 13, 2013

Friendzoned United struggling to secure any last minute deals as their targets are signing for Pricks FC #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay

— BASTILLEkieran (@asdfghjkieran) February 13, 2013

Girls are putting up their buffest pictures to secure that quick signing #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay

— Lorenzo (@ItsAlgeriano) February 6, 2014

Girls looking for the 1 day loan with view to permanent #valentinestransferdeadlineday

— Greg Taylor (@Gregy_T) February 13, 2014

Girls changing their profile pics today in a last minute bid to raise interest #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay

— Elliott Bradley (@ElliottBradley1) February 13, 2014

On your period? = Medical Failed #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay

— Sam (@VSaatchi) February 13, 2014

Reports suggest a move has just fallen through due to an incorrect number being given out last night #valentinestransferdeadlineday

— Gabriel Zakuani (@Gabs50Zakuani) February 13, 2013

No new signings needed. Closed for business #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay

— Luke (@MrSlapYourself) February 13, 2014

Last minute deals being done via WhatsApp iMessage and BBM #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay

— YuNG PiE (@Sand0khxn) February 13, 2014

Reports suggest a move has just fallen through due to an incorrect number being given out last night #valentinestransferdeadlineday

— Gabriel Zakuani (@Gabs50Zakuani) February 13, 2013

Then you've got the ones so desperate for first team action that they're prepared to drop down a league… #valentinestransferdeadlineday

— Smoothie (@MrSmoothEMT) February 13, 2014

#valentinestransferdeadlineday No deals insight pic.twitter.com/NVgMewvLNW

— Corin (@CorinxYZ) February 13, 2014

Summer signings are the way forward. Don’t make a panic signing, lads. See the season out and rebuild. #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay

— The #SHÖgun (@AshElNegro) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay You go all out and break your transfer record … the mandem are just happs for you pic.twitter.com/SRyKpQ1PQy

— Micky Cohen (@mycoolsuave) February 13, 2014

Side chicks and Mistresses are being loaned out to decrease the wage bill #valentinestransferdeadlineday

— Gabriel Zakuani (@Gabs50Zakuani) February 13, 2013

#valentinestransferdeadlineday Reporter: Are you willing to break transfer record for the right player? Me: pic.twitter.com/eXvvUoKHQl

— (@thatnegro_tom) February 13, 2014

Unfortunately negotiations have broke down at the final hurdle. #valentinestransferdeadlineday pic.twitter.com/9tlgukHMHH

— HiSHOka (@FreudianSlip__) February 13, 2014

Walking back to your mates after your ambitious bid is accepted! #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay pic.twitter.com/2Uy8Ffwy9m

— James (@jimmydoris1986) February 13, 2014

Going out tomorrow night and securing a loan deal & leaving your boys in the club like #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay pic.twitter.com/h3rFgK48cH

— Elliot Fernley (@elliot_fernley) February 13, 2014

#valentinestransferdeadlineday Rumours Guys are re signing their ex girlfriends.. more to come on #SSN pic.twitter.com/MMPw0UZzn5

— AM (@TheRealMpanga) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay Gemma Collins has failed her medical after achieving 3 on the bleep test. More to come pic.twitter.com/HL05lKOISj

— Sam Coombes (@16coombes) February 13, 2014

That moment when your mate does a Chelsea and hijacks your certain deal! #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay pic.twitter.com/iFWknEfO6Z

— Dario Zavagno (@darioz93) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay, gonna be chilling outside her house like pic.twitter.com/8Qcg8EEMCQ

— king sam (@samclayyton) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay When you find out a target you've been scouting on insta arrives injured pic.twitter.com/hFLyUYjVuk

— Daniel Nti (@danieljnti) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay She's now old enough to get promoted from the youth team pic.twitter.com/CQqMVFIpgn

— Emma Allison (@Emma_Allison) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay When Your Waiting For The Transfer Deal To Go Through.. pic.twitter.com/SYIwm78NW0

— Manderzö (@C_Manderz) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay Girls tryna force transfer moves but have been through every man in the local area. pic.twitter.com/lJpY03vSmQ

— AM (@TheRealMpanga) February 13, 2014

Michael Carrick giving Adnan Januzaj some advice for tomorrow. #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay pic.twitter.com/Eje4AYIlAU

— Sunday League Footy (@SundayChants) February 13, 2014

Minute of silence for those lads who had their bids rejected #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay pic.twitter.com/5og58BVqLQ

— Amadou Diallo (@AD__96) February 13, 2014

Dipping into the emergency loan market on the night #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay pic.twitter.com/3Zux2UT6bw

— Dan Easton (@daneaston92) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay Peter #Odemwingie going from door to door looking for romance. pic.twitter.com/WzcJ9jlt4a

— Footie Writer (@FootieWriter) February 13, 2014

when a premier league girl accepts your ambitious offer and you're in the championship pic.twitter.com/ElM5qeGPkR

— dom (@domabbottt) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay When the paper work is all signed off and she's eligible to 'play' tomorrow! pic.twitter.com/mASkDQWXsH

— Jack Golder (@Jack_Millwall) February 13, 2014

Your ex turns up at your door looking for a new contract pic.twitter.com/bWSNkTWVdH

— Niall (@NiallBowes) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay panicking last minute and going for the hairy one, only to get no action for 6 months pic.twitter.com/qwjlwGoeTD

— Super Mick (@rushyitfc) February 13, 2014

When you see somebody else working on your target .. pic.twitter.com/RREYVreEqI

— CR (@CRTMUSIC) February 13, 2014

When you secure that Premiership girl last minute and the Non League bird gets dusted pic.twitter.com/Qh4CneZNoz

— Tyrone Mings (@tyronemings1) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay When a girl tells you she got a free house for the weekend… pic.twitter.com/3hwSV8LGng

— LADCentral (@WorldieCentral) February 13, 2014

When your best mate secures his target. pic.twitter.com/JPJjRhiwGc

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) February 13, 2014

When you secure a deal for an absolute worldy but try and act like it's nothing. #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay pic.twitter.com/4ZGpUFq65V

— Sunday League Footy (@SundayChants) February 13, 2014

When your crush texts to say "Do you want to come round to watch a film tomorrow?" pic.twitter.com/DdnLb1RpY7

— Etihad Stadium (@Etihad_Stadium) February 13, 2014

#ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay When she says "Get ready I'm coming round." pic.twitter.com/2VMNyNfQdR

— Football Jokes (@LaughingFooty) February 13, 2014

Bid was rejected pic.twitter.com/HtN3scVum8

— Kristian Kinnon (@KrisKinnonTKD) February 13, 2014

Knowing you got a free house but your targets away on international duty #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay pic.twitter.com/vRprKkNsbA

— Alex (@awilliamson93) February 13, 2014

You and your boys find out she's a free agent at the same time. pic.twitter.com/F7g8w3XbjS

— Big (@thisisbfg) February 13, 2014

When the girl you've been scouting for months signs a long term deal with another guy #ValentinesTransferDeadlineDay pic.twitter.com/mHFfsvrzLt

— Clarke Thorley (@clarkethorley) February 13, 2014

When you land the hot bird that everyone wants pic.twitter.com/X9rRYcVkbb

— Jordan (@JClear_1871) February 13, 2014