The best Tim Sherwood Man Utd jokes as Paul Parker pipes up

Former right-back makes leftfield suggestion for Louis van Gaal's successor.

There were plenty of Tim Sherwood Man Utd jokes as Paul Parker suggested Tim Sherwood as Louis van Gaal's successor
NEXT SIR ALEX? Sherwood (Image: Brian Minkoff-London Pixels)

These were the best Tim Sherwood Man Utd jokes as erstwhile right-back Paul Parker suggested him as Louis van Gaal’s successor.

Clearly unimpressed by the prospect of José Mourinho, Parker put forward the former Spurs and Aston Villa manager – all too briefly on each occasion – as the Dutchman’s replacement.

Needless to say this was met with widespread mirth on social media, as the following Tim Sherwood Man Utd jokes will testify to:

Going to pretend I didn't see Paul Parker suggest Tim Sherwood should be the next #mufc manager.

— Full Time DEVILS (@FullTimeDEVILS) February 16, 2016

When news broke that Paul Parker thinks @ManUtd should appoint Tim Sherwood: pic.twitter.com/akie0VnSZp

— Colin Jacobs (@ColinJacobs) February 16, 2016

Worried that Paul Parker had died when I saw the trends. Turns out it is much worse than that.

— Marc Cox (@Wilbsnelvis) February 16, 2016

I saw Paul Parker trending and thought Spiderman had died.

— Les Floyd (@Lesism) February 16, 2016

@seankelly20 @footballacca obviously paul parker has lost a bet and that was his forfeit !!

— Connor Duffy (@ConnorDuffs) February 16, 2016

Paul Parker has suggested that Sherwood should get the Man Utd job ahead of Mourinho, must have sent that tweet accidentally in his pocket.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) February 16, 2016

@ManUtdMEN in other news, Paul Parker has been arrested for sniffing glue in public.

— Mack The Knife (@IdMjones) February 16, 2016

Paul Parker says Tim Sherwood should be next Man Utd manager

He also said Joey Essex should be next British Prime minister

— Lee Dolby (@millwalldolbs) February 16, 2016

Former Man Utd man Paul Parker wants Tim Sherwood to take over instead of Jose Mourinho #MUFC https://t.co/7OR3KZY1j1

— Harry Charalambous (@PrimeSpur1992) February 16, 2016