The best Sam Allardyce sacked jokes as he exits Everton

Yet another parting of the ways for Big Sam.

With Sam Allardyce sacked by Everton, jokes flowed
SACKED: Sam (Image: Egghead06)

Everton have sacked Sam Allardyce as their manager, with former Hull and Watford boss Marco Silva the favourite to replace him.

Despite guiding the Toffees to an 8th place Premier League finish, Allardyce remained unpopular with the Goodison Park faithful for his agricultural approach.

He does at least walk away with a substantial payoff, having originally signed an 18-month contract.

Nevertheless, with Sam Allardyce sacked again, it’s time for the jokes:

Allardyce could have been naming his England squad for the World Cup today.

Instead he's being sacked by Everton. The small things…

— Gary #StopTheStigma (@garyalsmith) May 16, 2018

Sam Allardyce is leaving Everton to act as stand-in dad for Meghan Markle at Saturday’s big wedding.

— Mr Roger Quimbly (@RogerQuimbly) May 16, 2018

Allardyce and Moyes both free to spend the summer travelling across Europe together in an Amazon Prime original series where they learn about other cultures, each other and, most importantly, themselves.

— Chris (@chrs00) May 16, 2018

Some people are claiming Allardyce did a fantastic job at Everton. Those same people also believe that you used to be able to leave your doors unlocked at night. Probably.

— Richard Buxton (@RichardBuxton_) May 16, 2018

Allardyce at Everton – 161 days
Hodgson at Liverpool – 192 days
Sure there is a book to be written on these tenures but there are occasions when erasing from memory is more desirable than chronicling.#onwards

— Chris Bascombe (@_ChrisBascombe) May 16, 2018

Allardyce when he gets paid £6m to leave Everton. pic.twitter.com/6oXMVNxlP8

— AnfieldUrchin (@AnfieldUrchin) May 15, 2018

Find Sam Allardyce quite a tragic character really. The clubs he sees as beneath him he can’t appreciate, despite them appreciating him, and the clubs he’s desperate to appreciate him never will.

— Michael Graham (@Capt_Fishpaste) May 16, 2018

Allardyce and Lee celebrate being sacked by spending a day at Southport funfair pic.twitter.com/4Jm5goXtFm

— Paul (@Porl1878) May 16, 2018


Allardyce's Everton had fewer shots on target than Swansea in the same period which sounds impossible and scientific tests have revealed is impossible

— Duncan Alexander (@oilysailor) May 16, 2018


Look at all the Everton players thanking Sam Allardyce..

Oh wait.

Cenk tosun probably hasn't even met our midfielders yet, they where that far behind him

— Ged (@GedEFC1878) May 16, 2018

Whenever Sam Allardyce is criticised he turns more Sam Allardyce. And the more Sam Allardyce he is, the more his team play like Sam Allardyce and the more that happens, the more the supporters resent Sam Allardyce and the more they resent him the more Sam Allardyce resorts to…

— Luke Edwards (@LukeEdwardsTele) May 16, 2018


After a poor season for Everton under Sam Allardyce, Farhad Moshiri has arrived back at finch farm and he wants revenge…#EFC pic.twitter.com/Shu2Tg0dZV

— Nick (@NickEFC_) May 16, 2018


Bizarre that Everton have sacked Sam Allardyce after his spectacular, memorable victory on away goals against Liverpool.

— Rory Smith (@RorySmith) May 16, 2018

Breaking News: Sam Allardyce has left Everton….presumably to join Gareth’s England squad.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) May 16, 2018


Sam Allardyce now free to pursue dream role with Falkirk pic.twitter.com/xlwD0JBMXB

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) May 16, 2018