The best Rémy fails medical jokes as Liverpool deal collapses

The best jokes as Rémy fails a medical at Liverpool and his proposed £8.5m move from QPR collapses on medical grounds.

Here watching Arsenal, before the Loïc Rémy fails medical jokes as his Liverpool transfer collapse
Waiting for Arsenal? Loïc Rémy (Image: Daily Star)

All the best Loïc Rémy fails medical jokes after his proposed £8.5m transfer from Queens Park Rangers to Liverpool collapsed, supposedly on medical grounds.

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The French striker is rumoured to have a hole in his heart and it is being reported that the player has failed medical exams at four different clubs since 2002.

With Liverpool set to make no further comment, Rémy’s representatives have since claimed that the deal was cancelled after Fabio Borini’s move to Sunderland fell through.

Whatever the truth, find time to enjoy these Rémy fails medical jokes…

Loic Remy's move to Liverpool is OFF. They realised he wasn't a Southampton player.

— Mirror Football (@MirrorFootball) July 27, 2014

On the afternoon Remy failed his medical, Gary Taylor-Fletcher scored the winning goal against Everton. Athlete. pic.twitter.com/W5xY3mKP56

— Coral (@Coral) July 27, 2014

Remy for £8m would've been brilliant but if the lad's half dead then the lad's half dead. Move on

— The Stebie (@ThoseScouseLads) July 27, 2014

"Loic Remy has failed his Liverpool medical?" pic.twitter.com/2bpIenV8oe

— Cheers Geoff (@Cheers_geoff) July 27, 2014

The Remy deal may be off, but Brendan Rodgers has this burning a hole in his pocket. Time to redeem? pic.twitter.com/ThBsoGaPHS

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 27, 2014

Borini in the car on his way to Sunderland and hears Remy has failed his medical on the radio. https://t.co/QTdiblqO16

— TheRedsArmy (@TweetFootyUk) July 27, 2014

Upon hearing the news Loic Remy has failed his medical at Liverpool, Arsene Wenger be like… https://t.co/qYlrxeLZAh

— Adam McKola (@AdamMcKola) July 27, 2014

Remy's heart was at Arsenal.

— Locá (@afcantonito) July 27, 2014

Apparently, #Remy failed his #LFC medical because his teeth weren't sharp enough. #QPR

— The Official Agent™ (@_OfficialAgent_) July 27, 2014

Southampton have sent Jay Rodriguez into hiding after hearing Remy failed a medical for Liverpool pic.twitter.com/WzYFBbsABR

— FantasyYIRMA #FPL (@FantasyYIRMA) July 27, 2014

Reports state that in actual fact Remy 'failing his medical' is to cover up what actually happened. He failed the Liverpool history exam.

— UberArsenal (@UberAFC) July 27, 2014

Word reaches Harry Redknapp that Loic Remy's £8.5m move to Liverpool is off. pic.twitter.com/nZE5KbvutX

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 27, 2014

Loic Remy must be so disappointed he didn't get the same medical testing team as Andy Carroll.

— Rob Palmer (@robbopalmer) July 27, 2014

"@JamesPearceEcho: Remy deal will be announced in next few days. Passed his medical. Just slight hold up over paperwork." I TRUSTED YOU!!!!

— Ross (@RossLFC95) July 27, 2014

Rodgers "We missed out on Sanchez but we go again. We go again with Remy & don't let this one slip"

— RickyGee (@GeezyPeas) July 27, 2014

At least Remy got a holiday to America out of his job application. I get excited if I get a rejection email back.

— Becci (@BecciBoopLFC) July 27, 2014

Marseille paid £15m for Rémy, knowing all about his heart defect. Personally, I'd have him back in a heart beat! No pun intended! #nufc

— NUFC Stats (@NUFC_Stats) July 27, 2014

While Loic Remy can't pass a medical, it appears as though Leicester City's Gary Taylor-Fletcher can't pass a Greggs pic.twitter.com/C6LZ9nOAgH

— Sunday League Quotes (@ItsSundayLeague) July 27, 2014

Sky: Liverpool pull out of deal to sign Loic Remy after concerns over his medical . Medical staff to comment soon pic.twitter.com/YAIFeauGV4

— Tony (@TonyBaldwin5) July 27, 2014

Wonder how much it'll cost and how painful it'll be, to have my "Loic Remy #7" tattoo removed. #LFC

— umara~lfc (@_umara) July 27, 2014

Poor Remy failed his medical after getting a nasty paper cut from one of Brendan's envelopes.

— Feverpitch (@feverpitch) July 27, 2014

Loic Remy at Liverpool earlier today pic.twitter.com/8xzRTwq691

— CHRIS EFC (@chrisefc7) July 27, 2014

Remy can't pass a medical. Cleverley cant pass a ball and Giroud cant pass a high class hooker without taking her back to his hotel. #LFC

— red wazza (@redwazza1) July 27, 2014

No Remy, Sanchez, Di Maria, Reus, Isco, Moreno..etc But we are working on a deal to get Ryan Bertrand to Liverpool. pic.twitter.com/aoJXqSCGvz

— Jordan Ebay (@Haarinhoo) July 27, 2014

Remy's heart. pic.twitter.com/2Y43UWEbWl

— It's Alexis ! (@Nikomarvel) July 27, 2014

Just seen Loic Remy straightening up like Keyser Soze & walking towards Old Trafford.

— Sachin Nakrani (@SachinNakrani) July 27, 2014

Borini just got the news about Remy! #LFC http://t.co/RQGH3cVrHf

— David Lovett (@dlovett32) July 27, 2014

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