Our favourite #askDS questions for West Ham co-chairman

The best questions for David Sullivan from a Twitter Q&A session hosted by his son Jack.

West Ham joint chairman David Sullivan took part in a Twitter Q&A hosted by his son Jack, using the #askDS hashtag
Sullivan… Answered questions (Image: Hilton1949)

The best #askDS questions for West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan from a Q&A session kindly hosted on his son Jack’s Twitter account last night.

Q&A with my dad Thursday at 5:30 English time #askDS

— Jack Sullivan (@jsullivanwhu) July 21, 2014

On the day news of Andy Carroll’s injury was released, these cheeky tweets did little to inspire the fans as they approach the new Premier League season.

With no useful information here, check out favourite #askDS questions for Sullivan:

@jsullivanwhu #askDS brunettes or blondes?

— Luke Hines (@LukeHines) July 21, 2014

@jsullivanwhu can I have a trial? I'm 6 foot 6 and I haven't had an accident in a year. #askDS

— Ross (@Ross_theknob) July 24, 2014

@jsullivanwhu #ASKDS Please can you tell Mauro Zarate to unblock me? Cheers

— Çarlton Çole (@_CarltonCole9) July 24, 2014

@jsullivanwhu do you miss this man? #askDS pic.twitter.com/uoSIDD2XfG

— Andrew (@Andrew_whufc) July 24, 2014

@jsullivanwhu Why are ticket prices the 4th highest in the Prem, when we play the worst football? #askDS

— Allardyce Out (@FatSamOut) July 24, 2014

can I have your hat that makes you look Russian pls ;) #askDS

— Tristan Mitchell (@Tweet_Trist) July 24, 2014

@jsullivanwhu If I pay for his taxi, can we send Carroll back to Newcastle? #askDS

— Jack Allum (@westham009) July 24, 2014

@jsullivanwhu how about a Q&S with our dopey deluded manager next time??? It seems he's untouchable #AskDS

— Jamie Ross (@rossihammer78) July 24, 2014

#askDS who's your favourite son? Jack or david?

— Irons Insider (@Ironsinsider) July 24, 2014

@jsullivanwhu Is Stephen Henderson still alive? #AskDS

— Çarlton Çole (@_CarltonCole9) July 24, 2014

@MCjingle neither, I like fish and chips and pie and mash !

— Jack Sullivan (@jsullivanwhu) July 24, 2014

@MichaelWilson97 hello… Goodbye !

— Jack Sullivan (@jsullivanwhu) July 24, 2014

Well that was hardly frost v Nixon #askDS

— Billy's Bandage (@WHUFCMessia) July 24, 2014

@jsullivanwhu do u enjoy watching the football Sam serves up week In week out #askDS

— Ben Bennett (@bennett1984) July 24, 2014

#askDS how essential do you think the hardware upgrades to the DSI (camera, screen etc) really were to the evolution of the handheld system?

— Crondo of GoreTex® (@Liamshme) July 24, 2014

@jsullivanwhu When are you rebranding us 'David Gold's super duper Claret and Blue Modded Skyrim Dragons FC' #askDS

— Ricardo Vaz Tê (@RicardoVazTe12) July 24, 2014

@jsullivanwhu Is it true DG &DS work for Allardyce and he really owns the club.#askDS

— Colin Jopling (@Ctj57Colin) July 24, 2014

And to think, I thought #askDS would provide us with some positive and reassuring info. Instead, Reid rejects contract & AC out for months.

— Iron Views (@ironviews) July 24, 2014

#askDS does DS stand for "dick spunk"?

— Spooky (@SpartanSpooky) July 24, 2014