The best #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu jokes as Suárez bites Ivanović

Luis Suárez bit Branislav Ivanović and the #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu hashtag suggested other players he might like to eat
(Image: Badudoy)

Everybody likes a good giggle, so this is our collection of the best #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu tweets.

UPDATE! HE BITES AGAIN: The best Luis Suárez Italy bite jokes as Chiellini gets it at Brazil 2014

Since Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Anfield on Sunday that saw Luis Suárez bite Branislav Ivanovic, you may have been wondering which other players Suárez wants to eat.

So, it seems, have many others and this wonderful hashtag has already brought joy to millions on Burp’s favourite social network.

The footballing community has managed to make light of an oddly dark situation with a selection of improvised food-based player names.

We’ve gathered the best (or worst – depending on how you look at it) attempts for your convenience right here on Burp.

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Check out our favourite players Liverpool’s Luis Suárez would like to eat below:

JonJo Shellfish

— ATIDCOYGFOYS (@OldBaldGooner) April 21, 2013

@oldbaldgooner @oldbaldgooner: #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Daniel STROGANOFF

— will (@whiskey7actual) April 21, 2013

@oldbaldgooner #PlayersOnTheSuarezmenu Kieran Ribs

— Garth Jones (@GarthJones) April 21, 2013

Mark Noodle #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu

— Fredy Andreas S (@freands7) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Olive Oil Giroud

— Sean Sheraton (@seansheraton) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Bacary Lasagna

— ATIDCOYGFOYS (@OldBaldGooner) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu – Bacary Lasagna- Nacho Monreal – Pear Mertesacker- Gervinchocolate

— Come on Arsenal (@MatiasGooner) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu FerNando’s Torres

— No Way(@TheKidsAYid) April 21, 2013

#playersonthesuarezmenu Pepper-Rooney pizza, Dimitar Burgertov, Pear Mertersacker,Andy Cassaroll, David wheaterbix, ledley king prawns :P

— Anjani Nandha (@ANJI_GD) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Dwight Yorkie

— Jaaamie (@JaaaaamieB) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Ashley Sole with some Aaron Lemon as garnish

— Suzanne Newton (@Suzannethfc93) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Andy Cassaroll

— John NOT Terry (@BigJohnTerry) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu robbie cabbage

— Wigan Athletic (@WiganFanPage) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Paul Mince

— Noel Hunt (@boyhunt) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Connor Sammon, Leighton Beans.

— Wigan Latics FanPage (@WiganLaticsFANS) April 21, 2013

PepperRooney pizza, Philip Lamb, Shaun Wright Fillets, Julio Cesar salad, Bacary Lasagne, Kieron Ribs, Thomas Mince

— Ben Webster (@BenWebster_98) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Andy Carrot.

— Now Football (@Now__Football) April 21, 2013

hahahahahaha why do i find myself hilarious #I‘mOut twitter.com/Minhaz_A/statu…

— Minny (@Minhaz_A) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Benteke Fried Chicken.

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) April 21, 2013

We’re liking both of these > RT @jderrick3: @teamtalk Thomas Muller-rice, Moussa Creme-Brulee #suarez #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu

— TEAMtalk (@TEAMtalk) April 21, 2013

@boyhunt #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu mario tagliatelle

— Ben Nicholas (@nashy_2012) April 21, 2013

Appetizer – Nachos MonrealEntree – Phillip LambDesert – Joe Tart or Pear MertasackerDrink – Wine Rooney

— Wigan Athletic (@WiganFanPage) April 21, 2013

Ice Cream Kone twitter.com/WafcSean/statu…

— Sean Hewitt(@WafcSean) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Gabriel Heinz Baked Beans.

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) April 21, 2013

Branislav IvanosandwicBacary LasagneJohn CherryMacaRooneyNachos MonrealLeighton… fb.me/1OcXfN8uT

— Soccer Memes (@FBSoccerMemes) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Patrick Burger !!

— Mark Timlin (@MarkTimlin11) April 21, 2013

Loving all of the #playersonthesuarezmenu , not sure this blokes quite got the hang of it though …. twitter.com/JordanDingle/s…

— Jordan Dingle (@JordanDingle) April 21, 2013

Ashley Coleslaw, Daniel Porridge, Bacary lasagna, Andy Casaroll, PeppeRooney Pizza, Peter-odem-chicken-wingies #lol

— Mitch (@MitchMoo1) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Chamakharoni Cheese.

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu Chocolate Ba

— Jay Cartwright (@J_CartwrightNOT) April 21, 2013

Peter Odemchickenwingie twitter.com/MattDenton96/s…

— Matt Denton (@MattDenton96) April 21, 2013

Thomas Muller Light Greek Style Yoghurt #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu

— Get Football News (@GetFootballNews) April 21, 2013

@getfootballnews #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu eton messi

— dale edwards (@tankedwards89) April 21, 2013

If he wants a takeaway? #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu – Diego MaradonaKebab

— Des Kelly (@DesKellyDM) April 21, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu For main course; Steak Pie-naar covered with Baines

— Anthony (@Conno_F1) April 22, 2013

pear koldrup : candy van der mayde : seamus coldham Thomas gravyson & Duncan bergerson

— MR P efc ste(@EfcSP) April 22, 2013

Brandysnaps IvanovicCredit to my dad there.

— Ian Staerck (@IanStaerck) April 22, 2013

#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu if he needs some seasoning i suggest some Robin Van Parsley.

— Sam Collins (@collinso992) April 22, 2013

I imagine the menu would look something like this: twitter.com/ryanowengibson… #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu

— Ryan Owen Gibson (@ryanowengibson) April 21, 2013


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