The best Phil Jones header jokes as he unconventionally fends off Giroud

Crawled along the pitch before heading the ball into Giroud's legs.

Phil Jones header jokes followed the Man Utd defender's bizarre defending against Arsenal's Olivier Giroud
FOOTBALL GENIUS? Jones (Image: Ian C)

These are Phil Jones header jokes following a bizarre bit of defending that saw the Manchester United defender crawl along the pitch before heading the ball into Olivier Giroud’s legs so it would bounce out for a goal kick during the 1-1 draw with Arsenal on Sunday.

An atypical central defender, Jones came up with an inspired solution to a defensive mishap at Old Trafford but was soon ridiculed for it on Twitter.

Don’t miss this set of Phil Jones header jokes after his crazy tackle on Giroud in United’s 1-1 draw against Arsenal:

Phil Jones should wear his boots on his head….

— Rodney Marsh (@RodneyMarsh10) May 17, 2015

A travesty if that doesn't count in Phil Jones' 'headers won' match stats …

— Sam Wallace (@SamWallaceIndy) May 17, 2015

Jones trying to swim on grass. Unreal.

— _ (@VanGaald) May 17, 2015

No-one in the universe is going to be able to concentrate when Phil Jones is doing that at your feet

— Daily Cannon (@DailyCannon) May 17, 2015

Phil Jones is actually the greatest footballer of our generation.

— ️ (@TeamToDieFor) May 17, 2015

Headbutting the grass while doing 'the worm'. Phil Jones has just become a parody of himself now, sad really.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) May 17, 2015

Phil Jones pic.twitter.com/cOZpTdtKk6

— James Tyler (@JamesTylerESPN) May 17, 2015

You’re all laughing at Phil Jones, but that’s what raw desire looks like. It’s also what a spaniel on a freshly polished floor looks like.

— Iain Macintosh (@iainmacintosh) May 17, 2015

PHIL JONES | Skills, Tricks, Flicks | Manchester United | 2014/15 (HD) https://t.co/gvCbUG72zO

— Football Clichés (@FootballCliches) May 17, 2015

Phil Jones. pic.twitter.com/s5e4KQtELn

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) May 17, 2015

Close Enough?! Vidic & Jones pic.twitter.com/RyxwiIXD4k

— 8 Fact Football (@8Fact_Footballl) May 17, 2015

Phil Jones. A danger to himself and all those around him. Again.

— Phil McNulty (@philmcnulty) May 17, 2015

Sir Alex Ferguson on Phil Jones in 2013: "Arguably, the way he is looking, he could be our best ever player." pic.twitter.com/OpHVFC3XYb

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) May 17, 2015

Phil Jones today pic.twitter.com/Prwug1uUzH

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) May 17, 2015

When Phil Jones turns back evolution to defend… pic.twitter.com/LRnJCN16Iu

— Footy Memes (@FootyMemes) May 17, 2015

Say what you like about Phil Jones but he's always been strong in the air pic.twitter.com/NHYpu6WiTo

— Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) May 17, 2015

Phil Jones crawling was still faster than Giroud sprinting ?? pic.twitter.com/KSmwMpmTXY

— Football Stuff (@FootbalIStuff) May 17, 2015

Gollum channelling his inner Phil Jones. https://t.co/XeZXvyM37q

— Kristian vS Hæhre (@vonstrenginho) May 17, 2015