The best personally addressed Puma #ForeverFaster tweets

Twitter users change their names...

Mario Balotelli's personally addressed Puma #ForeverFaster tweeted autograph photo for Ebola
SUPPORTING THE VIRUS: Balotelli (Image: Twitter/Puma)

Check out the best #ForeverFaster tweets as the auto-generated messages Puma sent out from their top stars in response to requests from fans were hijacked by mischievous users.

Many supporters took advantage of the personally addressed aspect to the autographed photos and changed their names on the social network, putting words in the mouths of sponsored players Sergio Agüero, Mario Balotelli, Marco Reus, Cesc Fàbregas, Falcao and co.

Take a look at our round-up of the best below:

@ltWasJustBanter, @aguerosergiokun has a message for you. #ForeverFaster pic.twitter.com/QceGv2PwUD

— PUMA (@PUMA) August 18, 2014

@KieranCPhotoAFC, @aguerosergiokun has a message for you. #ForeverFaster pic.twitter.com/AH51nx9jzG

— PUMA (@PUMA) August 18, 2014

@FeoWalcutt, @aguerosergiokun has a message for you. #ForeverFaster pic.twitter.com/nwXqynXbB8

— PUMA (@PUMA) August 18, 2014

@ArseNobb, check it out! Your man Reus, @woodyinho, just sent you an autograph. #ForeverFaster pic.twitter.com/XfLewj5Lcv

— PUMA (@PUMA) August 18, 2014

A Liverpool fan changed his name to "I'm joining Liverpool" and asked Marco Reus for a #Fastergraph pic.twitter.com/Dnt6LpS6vD

— Parth (@parthswat) August 18, 2014

@iCoNiC_Aqua, here’s your autograph from @cesc4official. #ForeverFaster pic.twitter.com/l7waWZtL5J

— PUMA (@PUMA) August 18, 2014

Some chose to have the Puma stars insults them:

@PUMA: @calhuntington, check it out! Your man Reus, @woodyinho, just sent you an autograph. #ForeverFaster pic.twitter.com/V1YCxvvMJO” harsh…

— Callum Huntington (@calhuntington) August 18, 2014

Sadly the Ebola related tweets were quickly deleted:

"@PUMA: @AlexChittka, here’s your autograph from @cesc4official. #ForeverFaster http://t.co/bDfY6yNg4j" He spreads what??????

— Coriander (@CorinxYZ) August 18, 2014

But luckily captured:

Nice one @PUMA pic.twitter.com/OLQjjLAR6Z

— Footy Memes (@FootyMemes) August 18, 2014

… along with some of the more outrageous comments:

@SeanRoperTHFC @xDuoMax @woodyinho @PUMA he loves cocaine more pic.twitter.com/Hn9iiuAuZ8

— JD (@FUTJD) August 18, 2014

"Liverpool are wank, never stop believing" ?? #Falcao #Puma pic.twitter.com/H92filyv6n

— John (@John_AFC_Gooner) August 18, 2014


— GarethBale11EN (@GarethBale11EN) August 18, 2014

Others compensated for the lack of interactively involved in the challenge by faking autographed messages from alternate stars:

Thanks for the #Fastergraph Wayne Rooney!! pic.twitter.com/8qmMKAINA4

— The Football Jester (@FootballJester) August 18, 2014

Jack Wilshere gives his #Fastergraph to his manager…. #puma #thfc #BPL #premierleague pic.twitter.com/V7IJzom93M

— betway (@betway) August 18, 2014

Thanks for the sign @WayneRooney #Fastergraph pic.twitter.com/WxZy0vITxe

— feo (@FeoWalcutt) August 18, 2014