The best Paul Grange jokes and scheduled deliveries after Hillsborough t-shirt wearer outed online

Many deliveries currently scheduled after name and address was leaked online.

After dealing with the deliveries, the wearer of this Hillsborough t-shirt won't want to see the Paul Grange jokes
DISGUSTING: Hillsborough t-shirt (Image: Twitter/Levi)

These are the best of the Paul Grange jokes after he was outed on Twitter as the wearer of a vile Hillsborough t-shirt sporting the slogan:


… that appears to have got him thrown out of a pub in Worcester recently.

Internet sleuths soon revealed his real name and address as well as details of his employment and a link to his now reportedly deleted Facebook profile, after discovering some of the horrible things he’d said online:

For those wondering, the idiot wearing the Hillsborough tshirt today is called Paul Grange. #JFT96 pic.twitter.com/cSKLpUrvpv

— Callum Wright (@Mr_CallumWright) May 29, 2016

Paul Grange from Worcester is the man who seems to have something against Scousers! What a vile human being #LFC pic.twitter.com/2UzLUWsWwM

— Carl Clemente (@clemente_carl) 29 May 2016

For those of you who aren't aware of who Paul Grange is. pic.twitter.com/rQGfFBcVcA

— Levi (@TheAlonsoRole) 30 May 2016

Then the online pranksters took over and started ordering deliveries of Lilt, coleslaw, diggers and the like to his house and these are the best of the Paul Grange jokes and currently scheduled deliveries:

I think Paul Grange is about to have a very bad day.

— leanne (@leannef55) 29 May 2016

I'm thinking there might be a large tailback as 20,000 Liverpudlians head down the M6 to Worcester to have a chat with Paul Grange

— Internet Bampot a 45 (@inetbampot45) 29 May 2016

Any minibuses to Paul Grange away

— ️️ (@Leahey1995) 29 May 2016

If Bin Laden had upset scouse twitter the CIA could have followed skip wagons to his house and caught him within hours. Paul Grange

— Dicko (@__dicko__) 29 May 2016

I think we can see where Paul Grange's insecurities stem from pic.twitter.com/2LeQBSJwJ7

— leanne (@leannef55) 29 May 2016

Paul Grange is getting it mate pic.twitter.com/IRnLvKz9wC

— Owen (@OwenBarnett14) 29 May 2016

Off to bed. As of right now Paul Grange has £1,047 worth of takeaway, 4 taxis & 10 8-Ton Diggers for hire headed his way. Sleep tight, Pauly

— Merseyside Fischer (@MerseysideFisch) 29 May 2016


— Matt (@mattpkenny) 29 May 2016

Have a good night, Paul Grange pic.twitter.com/IIUlu5WUtZ

— JT (@JackThomson96) 29 May 2016

Wonder if Paul Grange will appreciate a local escort to his house?@IndigoLFC pic.twitter.com/EUQ1Uwah5j

— Harvey Williams (@harvwilliams14) 29 May 2016

To add insult to injury, I've just ordered 2 male strippers to Paul Grange's house.

— Karius (@LFCRelated) 29 May 2016

If anyone sees Paul Grange tell him save me a can of lilt and some coleslaw

— JB (@BoyleBuzzin) 29 May 2016

The view Paul Grange will get when he opens his curtains in the morning… pic.twitter.com/lqRzKy0cvy

— Lüke (@KopiteLuke1892) 29 May 2016

Paul Grange Starter Pack. pic.twitter.com/ykAlAgBa8m

— Justin. (@JuzaShannon) 30 May 2016

Footballer Paul Gascoigne has arrived at scene saying he is a friend of Paul Grange & sent him some chicken, a can of larger & a fishing rod

— Lüke (@KopiteLuke1892) 30 May 2016

Paul Grange trying to convince the delivery drivers at his door that he didn't order 70 cans of lilt pic.twitter.com/WY8xsj4rhs

— Sam McGuire (@SamMcGuire90) 30 May 2016

Scenes inside Paul Grange's house pic.twitter.com/AWvQaq2QIm

— Indigo (@IndigoLFC) 30 May 2016

Paul Grange right now. pic.twitter.com/FRGf6O94Bz

— Ciaran (@naomhciaran) 30 May 2016

Just arranged this gay escort to go to Paul Grange's house tomorrow for 2pm pic.twitter.com/TnTIQ1IjHS

— . (@Firmtinho) 30 May 2016

Paul Grange when he opens the door to 2 skips full of Lilt pic.twitter.com/n6pHT5U50f

— J (@64_bit_hero) 30 May 2016

Actually jealous how much Lilt Paul Grange is gonna have by the time Game of thrones episode 6 starts

— ㅤ (@StudgeIsMyMate) 30 May 2016

Lilt ultras at Paul Grange away. Scenes. pic.twitter.com/k6CSfHRIUi

— Mo (@stupidmo) 30 May 2016

Paul Grange when 50 pizzas are already outside but then the digger comes around the corner pic.twitter.com/6exMJUnl3e

— Kene (@DeadlyAlli) 30 May 2016

Nearly £2k in Takeaway
10 Diggers
4 Taxis
A Clown
A mini-horse
Pallet of Coca-cola
Female & Male strippers/escorts
For Paul Grange

— UtkarshLFC (@iUtkarshJoshi) 30 May 2016

30x Clown Fish on their way to Paul Grange's home. pic.twitter.com/sTtJtLMJR5

— lewis (@PlayBuddMansion) May 30, 2016

50 900L bags of Black Gold manure to be next day delivered to Paul Grange. He'll need those diggers for certain.

— Merseyside Fischer (@MerseysideFisch) May 30, 2016

Teh pizza delivery man when Paul Grange refuses to pay up pic.twitter.com/5LfqM4pD9l

— Ben (@CriminalCosta) May 30, 2016

Paul Grange when the 43rd delivery man asks for payment tomorrow morning. https://t.co/X7443WtEAx

— Arsène FC (@JC_1886) May 30, 2016

Done. Paul Grange is soon to be a parrot merchant. pic.twitter.com/cDRCpP6SC8

— gray (@ReIegation) May 30, 2016

Paul Grange order list:
• Crates of Lilt
• Parrot
• Stevie Wonder lookalike
• Male prostitute
• Clown
• £600 of viagra
• A crane

— Indigo (@IndigoLFC) 30 May 2016

This Paul Grange guy is getting lilt cans, parrots, cement mixers, cranes, midget escorts…
Who said #LFC fans weren't generous?

— Futbol Agent (@Futbol_Agent_) May 30, 2016

Just ordered Paul Grange 70 pairs of Star Wars crocs in child size 8 pic.twitter.com/8TdmG22b2R

— ㅤ (@benteke) May 30, 2016

Paul Grange. Soon to be horse owner pic.twitter.com/99KEZ94rok

— Ryan Drysdale (@ProjectRyan123) May 30, 2016

Next time on Can't pay? We'll take it Away!

"Hello Paul Grange I'm from the high court, you've racked up £840,021 debt on Freddo's"

— . (@ClutchTevez) 30 May 2016

Paul Grange for the rest of the night… pic.twitter.com/JKibIrjzk8

— Daniel Platt (@DanPlatt_) 30 May 2016

We're here outside Paul Grange's and…WAIT A MINUTE!? BAH GAWD IT'S STONE COLD AND HE'S GOT A LILT TRUCK! pic.twitter.com/7L2ZsNgMAr

— Danny (@DannyM__MCFC) 30 May 2016

Paul Grange: The story so far. pic.twitter.com/BDcaQ3RBa7

— Hal (@Moustachinho) 30 May 2016

Imagine is that's not even Paul Grange's address 😂😂

— Emre [LFC] (@EmreLFC) 30 May 2016

When 10 excavators, 25 Cement mixers and a crane turn up at Paul Grange's house after the torrent of takeaway orders https://t.co/Mwai0siY8X

— NothingWasTheKane (@DeleHarry) 30 May 2016

Spare a thought for Paul Grange's neighbours tomorrow signing for all his deliveries when he doesn't answer the door 😂😂

— tom (@_tomhoughton_) 30 May 2016

When you're on a 4 killstreak outside Paul Grange's

"friendly care package incoming!" pic.twitter.com/C96Vz7X80N

— . (@ClutchTevez) 30 May 2016