The best O’Neill and Keane jokes as pair prepare to manage Ireland

We gather together the best O'Neill and Keane jokes as the pair prepare to team-up and manage Republic of Ireland.

One of the best O'Neill and Keane jokes as pair prepare to manage Ireland
Keane and O’Neill… Partners (Image: Twitter/football_rep)

As football fans drool at the prospect of these two characters forming a partnership to manage Ireland, we gather together the best O’Neill and Keane jokes from Twitter.

You really get the feeling anything can happen as these two quite different, controversial stars take the reigns of the Republic of Ireland after the nation’s failure to qualify for World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

The Guardian reported that:

News of Keane’s possible comeback was met with a mixture of amusement and bewilderment among the Republic’s fans north and south of the border.

So… to the Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane jokes!

The best O’Neill and Keane jokes

@TheOpelJersey @GusMcCorm O'Neill and Keane will never be boring but can they get along? pic.twitter.com/Hzra8mtNfg

— Padraic Heneghan (@heneghanp) November 4, 2013

If Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane pair up as a coaching duo, I do believe everyone will react like this in Ireland… pic.twitter.com/3AVtBdJbxd

— Kristian (@Kristian7Ross) November 3, 2013

Roy Keane to become Martin O'Neill's assistant #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong pic.twitter.com/DKed7heGHX

— Paul Anthony Ward (@PaulAnthonyWard) November 1, 2013

A Ratings Success? O'Neill / Keane…. pic.twitter.com/sXdKG1dw1x

— Extratime.ie News (@ExtratimeNews) November 1, 2013

Martin O'Neill talks tactics with Roy Keane #catholic pic.twitter.com/xwPJapV7eB

— Mark McCadden (@markmccadden) November 2, 2013

Roy Keane and Martin O Neill no way pic.twitter.com/nTacZNar4V

— david henderson (@dvehendo) November 2, 2013

The only Keane and O'Neill combination that the country wants to see pic.twitter.com/tJ5fKvr41D

— Ian O'Neill (@iano___) November 1, 2013

Martin O' Neill is bringing his Wre-Keane Ball #roykeane #fai #coybig #martinoneil pic.twitter.com/a33IIHo9ts

— Football Republic (@football_rep) November 2, 2013

All those saying that this will be an Ireland 'Dream Team' – fully expect a Harchester United-like ending to it all!

— Alan Smith (@alansmith90) November 1, 2013

Here's Dunphy's take on O'Neill & Keane and @steveohrourke on top form too! http://t.co/l5uTR9h2c7 pic.twitter.com/N2fT3IROEL

— Patrick McCarry (@patmccarry) November 4, 2013

With O'Neill & Keane teaming up for the Ireland job Adrian Chiles is bound to be offered the 'Charlie O'Leary' role. pic.twitter.com/pDyuCbIKvR

— Conor McNamara (@ConorMcNamaraIE) November 2, 2013

I think this illustrates the dynamics of the Martin O' Neill/Roy Keane management team. pic.twitter.com/5gsTsj5E40

— Colm Tobin (@colmtobin) November 4, 2013

@Lee_R4: Martin O'Neill Manager and Roy Keane as the assistant ?Fair to say Ireland are gonna win the next WorldCup pic.twitter.com/31OZBSOFUI

— The Lobster Fella (@lobster1929) November 4, 2013

Odd Couple Cast: Martin O'Neill, Roy Keane Plot: Mild mannered tactician & hot headed perfectionist, imagine the rst pic.twitter.com/pLgePK2kuO

— Pranav Agarwal (@pranavagarwal2) November 4, 2013

Hope O'Neill/Keane presser is on Friday. The day Alex Ferguson comes to Dublin. Could have a cosy airport chat…

— Kieran Cunningham (@KCsixtyseven) November 2, 2013

PLUS: Special Roy Keane beard bonus

Perhaps Martin O'Neill should adopt the Roy Keane look to improve #SAFC results. What do the #safcfamily think? pic.twitter.com/ONgI26DrFX

— Keith Appleton (@WritingRightNow) March 9, 2013

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