The best #HalloweenXI player names for Halloween

A collection of the best #HalloweenXI player names, concocted for the spooky occasion this year.

A Halloween cow laughing at the best #HalloweenXI player names
Halloween cow… Loves the player names (Image: Ross Berteig

Check out our collection of the best #HalloweenXI player names, concocted for Halloween this year.

Currently doing the rounds on Twitter are numerous suggestions for spooky alternative player names, but this is the best anyone could come up with…

So, now it’s time for the player names! See below.

Friday afternoon Halloween Special now…let's have a Halloween Football League XI, starting with Marlon Broomestick #HalloweenXI

— The Football League (@football_league) October 29, 2010

#HalloweenXI Roberto SkullDado

— Hanzo Reiza HANZOM-B (@KIReizaNinja) October 29, 2013

@mrdanwalker #ttn ashley coledron, Noel Haunt, Apple Bobbing Van Persie, Johnathan Spectre, Headless Ferdinand

— Jimmy Haffenden (@jimmyhaff) October 29, 2013

#HalloweenXI César Azpili-cutyourthroat-a. (I'll get my coat.)

— ParkedTheBus (@ParkedTheBus) October 29, 2013

@mrdanwalker Grant Polt-ergeist who plays for Norwitch at Caarrggh!-ow Road. #TTN #HalloweenXI

— Phil Williams (@PhilWilliams) October 29, 2013

We've compiled a #HalloweenXI. Who would you add to the side? Use the hashtag and we'll RT the best suggestions. pic.twitter.com/nuXFCeeRTM

— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) October 31, 2013

Michael Scarrick, He'llnomya Vidic, #HalloweenXI

— Saul Barrera (@saulbarrera83) October 31, 2013

Here's our #HalloweenXI from last season. Any new names deserve a place in the squad? Let's see your suggestions… pic.twitter.com/RSk7pdM6Rc

— SoccerBible (@SoccerBible) October 31, 2013

Charles N'zombie-a #HalloweenXI #FootballTroll

— Ayid (@ayidivannie) October 31, 2013

Lantern Donnovan #FootballTroll

— Ayid (@ayidivannie) October 31, 2013

Come on then, #HalloweenXI – Bat Le Tissier @mattletiss7

— Football Tipster (@Footy_Tipster) October 31, 2013

@Boylesports #BoyleXI Leighton Braines #HalloweenXI

— Josh Carvalho (@cavaz04) October 31, 2013

Zlatan Ibrahimowitch

— Football Tipster (@Footy_Tipster) October 31, 2013

@ESPNFC Phil Devil(le)

— Janne Virta (@jaosvi) October 31, 2013

#HalloweenXI Danny Rose-From-The-Dead!

— Ryan Hallows (@RyanHallows91) October 31, 2013

@bernieslaven robin vampire persie

— Davey Walker (@davey10darts) October 29, 2013

@gmancage suggestion of Charles N'Zombiea is most popular in the office here – keep your #Halloween players coming in #HalloweenXI

— The Football League (@football_league) October 29, 2010