The Dr Tony Xia Q&A on Twitter with the new Aston Villa owner was fun
(Image: Row17)

The best of the #AskTheChairman Dr Tony Xia Q&A with new Aston Villa owner

Vocal new chairman fields pointless questions and makes bold claim.

Here's @Dr_TonyXia answering your questions. Send yours using #AskTheChairman #AVFC pic.twitter.com/Jv9LFS5bec

— Aston Villa FC (@AVFCOfficial) 10 August 2016

New, vocal Aston Villa chairman Dr Tony Xia took part in a specially-arranged Twitter question and answer session with fans on Wednesday afternoon, just hours before the side’s humiliating loss to Luton Town in the EFL Cup that evening.

The highlight of which was surely this outstanding exchange:


Will you introduce safe standing areas at Villa Park similar to what Celtic have recently done? #avfc #AskTheChairman

— Leighton Castle (@LeightonCastle) August 10, 2016


The Premier League doesn't allow this currently. We're analysing the situation very closely. #AskTheChairman https://t.co/UG5njTTbOH

— Aston Villa FC (@AVFCOfficial) August 10, 2016


@AVFCOfficial That's good then since you're not fucking in it.

— Michael (@Swan_1878) August 10, 2016

Plus, the Dr Tony Xia Q&A also saw a bold claim from the new owner that was much derided following the team’s later defeat:


Where do you see villa in 5 years time? @Dr_TonyXia #AskTheChairman

— Sam Willetts (@willows17) 10 August 2016


The top club in Europe with the highest number of fans all over the world. #AskTheChairman https://t.co/NG8Gg8LFjV

— Aston Villa FC (@AVFCOfficial) 10 August 2016


.@AVFCOfficial @willows17 @Dr_TonyXia pic.twitter.com/F1gNwNlzrX

— Tim (@CookPassTim) 10 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial #AskTheChairman is he drunk?

— Paul O Keefe (@pokeefe1) 10 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @willows17 @Dr_TonyXia 5 years fucking hell

— ㅤ (@Ned_AV) 10 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @willows17 @Dr_TonyXia they must do good drugs in China.

— JoseWose (@LVGlegend) 10 August 2016

@FutbolAndrew @AVFCOfficial @willows17 @Dr_TonyXia says Andrew, 14 from Ireland who supports Everton

— ️ (@ConnorrrAV) 10 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @willows17 @Dr_TonyXia Great start !! 😂 pic.twitter.com/d8eUOiV1V4

— Adrian Grainger (@Griffiths_Pegg) 10 August 2016

.@AVFCOfficial Hi @Dr_TonyXia, how is this coming along mate?

— The Special Ron (@TheSpecialRon) 10 August 2016

Including some old favourites…

More Dr Tony Xia Q&A

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia @twitter thought he did that all day every day anyway

— James (@JPainter_) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia @twitter this is a bad idea

— Aston (@KingKozak) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia @twitter what on earth possessed you to buy a team like Villa #AskTheChairman

— Stephen (@Steppov97) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial #AskTheChairman football is an expensive business, exactly how much did you earn from Gangnam style?

— Gibbo (@G1880) 9 August 2016

What's it like not to have won a game for 6 months Anthony? #AskTheChairman

— Stuart Jones (@spjonah77) August 10, 2016

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia if an #AVFC fan asks a pointless question like 'I can't get through to the ticket office' can you have them shot?

— Moseph Jones (@MoMoAVFC) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia @twitter Did you actually go to Rome in a Ford Mondeo to get RDM? #AskTony

— George Smyly (@gsmyly) 9 August 2016

#AskTheChairman do you really think your club account should communicate primarily in emoji? #AVFC

— Kirsten Schlewitz (@kdschlewitz) August 10, 2016

Hi Tony, do you and Carson Yeung still Skype eachother whilst wearing latex dog costumes? #AskTheChairman

— EDGE. (@dale_edgington) 10 August 2016

I understand the times are difficult now, but is your message to the fans to Keep Right on? #AskTheChairman

— Chris (@Chris96bcfc) 10 August 2016

#AskTheChairman if you could have any stadium renamed as Villa Park, what would it be and why?

— Nat Chipa (@FishnchipasYT) 10 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia #AskTheChairman
What's your record on FIFA Ultimate Team?

— ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ (@MattyAVFC_) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @LutonTown say shit on the city #AskTheChairman

— Ben Mills (@BenMillsAV) 10 August 2016

Best set of nudes you've recieved? @Dr_TonyXia #AskTheChairman

— ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ (@MattyAVFC_) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia @twitter will there ever be a boy born that can swim faster than a shark? #AskTheChairman

— Jamie H (@jamiefrombrum) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia @twitter if Agbonlahor had a banjo, how much would he miss the cows arse by? #AskTheChairman

— TB (C) (@tom9022) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia #askthechairman on a scale of Alan Hutton to Jordan Amavi, how do you rate our chances of being promoted this year

— The Matt Villan (@dvtavfc) 9 August 2016

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a 100 duck sized horses? #askthechairman

— Alan mulvey (@alanmulvey) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial @Dr_TonyXia Whats you K/D ratio on cod #AskTheChairman #avfc

— niall (@chiefnialld) 9 August 2016

@AVFCOfficial when the Villa announce their next signing can you get Kendrick Lamar to unveil him like Stormzy did Pogba? #AskTheChairman

— Sam Harris (@SamHxrris) 9 August 2016

Thank you for your questions. See you at @LutonTown! #AskTheChairman pic.twitter.com/hPEyT8sekq

— Aston Villa FC (@AVFCOfficial) August 10, 2016