The best jokes as Aston Villa lose 3-1 to Luton in EFL Cup first round

Continued form from last season after relegation from the Premier League.

Kenilworth Road, where many of the jokes were made as Aston Villa lose 3-1 to Luton in the EFL Cup first round
SCENE OF THE CRIME: Kenilworth Road

Recently relegated from the Premier League and continuing their form from last season, Aston Villa lost 3-1 to Luton Town in the first round of the revamped EFL Cup at Kenilworth Road on Wednesday night.

Overturning a one goal deficit after Jordan Ayew put the visitors ahead early in the first half, the League Two side knocked the five-time winners out of the competition with a little help from a horrendous Jores Okore own goal.

These were the best jokes as Aston Villa lose to Luton in the EFL Cup first round and exit the tournament:

Aston Villa need to find another sport.

— Dan (@Dan_Turner_93) August 10, 2016

I remember when Aston Villa used to be average. #Terrible

— Wayne Mardle (@Wayne501Mardle) August 10, 2016

Jack Grealish gets his first assist of the season. Sadly, it is for Luton.

— Richard Jolly (@RichJolly) August 10, 2016

@oldmansaid @patrykZD I'd rather wank over my parents wedding photos than watch this !!!!

— The Sneaky Blinder (@SneakyBlinder) August 10, 2016

It was only a few hours ago the Villa chairman said this… pic.twitter.com/ae6VfG97wp

— Coral (@Coral) August 10, 2016

Villa are never going to win a game again.

— #Cutteridge (@JamieCutteridge) August 10, 2016

What even is this?! #avfc pic.twitter.com/desbiw2gzD

— Matt Lynch (@mattlyynch) August 10, 2016

can u pls fix villa https://t.co/6TxTQw7uQc

— Jack Grimse (@JackGrimse) 10 August 2016

I'd put Okore up front, that lad can finish #avfc

— Antony Moore (@antonymoore75) August 10, 2016

Lerner probably laughing right now

— Jack Grimse (@JackGrimse) August 10, 2016

Oh Tony 😢 #avfc pic.twitter.com/kdxsBfczyC

— Matt Lynch (@mattlyynch) August 10, 2016

Micah Richards has the positional sense of a Micah Richards. #AVFC

— The Holte (@TheHolteTweets) August 10, 2016

@FootyAccums Decided to block Aston Villa just cause they're fucking shite pic.twitter.com/MXNTGROf0c

— Coach (@nath_hill29) August 10, 2016

Join Villa they said. They'll push for promotion they said. You'll play in the Prem they said.

— Nick Georgeou (@Nick_Georgeou) August 10, 2016

Micah Richards. Slower than Steven Hawking with a flat tyre #AVFC

— SilentBobF1 (@SilentBobF1) August 10, 2016

Who's shitter?

RT for Villa
Like for Leeds pic.twitter.com/zlagIBd9MY

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) August 10, 2016

Villa fans: "Your nothing special we lose every week" pic.twitter.com/IVNhdl03qU

— VILLA ONLY (@VillaOnly) August 10, 2016

Looks like Villa are concentrating on the league

— Jon Mills (@JonMillsDCFC) August 10, 2016

Villa going down faster than our new Olympic #diving gold medallists

— Football Burp (@FootballBurp) August 10, 2016

Who beez better footballers
RT for the donkeys
Fav for villa pic.twitter.com/4FP2na8Xmf

— paki dave (@paki_dave) August 10, 2016

I can see why Okore refused to play last season. Fear of embarrassment I guess #avfc

— crowiejnr (@crowiejnr) August 10, 2016

Birmingham – beaten by Oxford

Villa – beaten by Oxford rejects

— Turbo Lill (@OUFC1976) August 10, 2016

Micah Richards plays football like I play Ice Hockey. I've never played Ice Hockey #avfc

— Eddy Bennett (@EddyBennett21) August 10, 2016

Villa did well other than those last 70 minutes or so

— Martin Laurence (@martinlaurence7) August 10, 2016