The best of football’s Eurovision jokes from 2018 final in Lisbon

UK’s entry finishes third from bottom.

There were many football-related Eurovision jokes made while everyone was watching the song contest's 2018 final in Lisbon
(Image: Roger Dewayne Barkley, EuroVisionary)

An estimated audience of 200 million people watched the Eurovision 2018 final in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday night.

Israel’s Netta won the annual song contest with 520 points while the UK’s entry, which was briefly interrupted by a stage invader, finished third from bottom with just 48 points.

These were the best of football’s Eurovision jokes from this year:

The United Kingdom are currently bottom with zero points but I reckon if we get Roy Hodgson in now then we could get a comfortable midtable finish. pic.twitter.com/eV7RJ2C053

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) May 12, 2018

Smart play by the UK – avoid having to actually organise Brexit by finishing in the #Eurovision bottom 3 and getting relegated from Europe instead.

— Pundamentalism (@Pundamentalism) May 12, 2018

This is why no one likes us #Eurovision pic.twitter.com/d8uGnzoJSv

— Glenn Kitson (@Glenn_Kitson) May 12, 2018

Can't wait to win the World Cup, that'll show these Eurovison snobs. #Eurovision

— DoctorBenjyFM / Ben (@DoctorBenjy) May 12, 2018

2 points. We’re on the pitch #eurovision pic.twitter.com/Ap9CCbB8ZD

— Ben Astley (@astley_ben) May 12, 2018

Not going well for Sunderland this year #Eurovision pic.twitter.com/OSQw2BhKmA

— ‏َ (@ProudieYT) May 12, 2018

"And they've still gotta go and get points from Malta. And I'll tell you what – I will love it if we win #Eurovision . Love it." pic.twitter.com/2HoojI1Ba8

— Cartlon Cole (@_CarltonCole9) May 12, 2018

#Eurovision pic.twitter.com/X8Cbuq8mlv

— Nuera (@DJ_Nuera) May 12, 2018

#Eurovision pic.twitter.com/Dgz1g87zbJ

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) May 12, 2018

‘Don’t talk about spend, talk about net spend’ #EUROVISION pic.twitter.com/7qWcAaaw8b

— Kristian Walsh (@Kristian_Walsh) May 12, 2018

No this hair, no party… #Eurovision pic.twitter.com/O5U52vQsWL

— SPORTING CP SEMPRE (@sportiingsempre) May 12, 2018

When Dulwich Hamlet score. pic.twitter.com/U8ZwWxeIGG

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) May 12, 2018

Congratulations @HKane the 2018 #Eurovision winner! pic.twitter.com/OfTNyPBgou

— MΣMZ ℹ (@Durchiga) May 12, 2018

"Ah you know sure, it just worked out for us on the day, can't take anything away from the other singers, but the ball just bounced right for us today, sure you know yourself" pic.twitter.com/XXsISehDmt

— Gerry McBride (@GerryMcBride) May 12, 2018



Is sitting at home watching the #Eurovision. Nothing to do with it.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) May 12, 2018