The best jokes as Cristiano Ronaldo sits out UCL semi-final first leg in Manchester

Caught by the cameras watching a video of himself.

An injured Cristiano Ronaldo sat out the Champions League semi-final first leg at Man City - and we collected the best jokes
MISSED IT: Ronaldo (Image: Chris Deahr)

Ever the popular figure, everyone was talking about Cristiano Ronaldo as he sat on Real Madrid’s bench, watching their lifeless 0-0 Champions League semi-final first leg draw at Manchester City after failing a late fitness test.

Caught by the cameras playing with his phone and watching a video on his own Instagram page prior to kick-off, the star player’s absence was notable throughout the evening.

Don’t miss this selection of the best jokes as an injured Cristiano Ronaldo sits out Manchester City 0-0 Real Madrid:

Aguero looking for Ronaldo like: https://t.co/XLfM2x3zEU

— The City Way (@BlueCitizen007) April 26, 2016

When you hear Ronaldo isn't fit… https://t.co/JCvlGmwdia

— BlueMoonRisingTV (@BMRisingTV) April 26, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo is in the #RealMadrid dugout checking himself out on Instagram wearing his own brand of headphones pic.twitter.com/NgyTQPQ9ib

— Elliot Wagland (@elliotwagland) April 26, 2016

We’ve reached peak Ronaldo. pic.twitter.com/pC0VhOPHUJ

— Sean Swaby (@seanswaby) April 26, 2016

Ronaldo clearly knew he was injured. He just wanted any excuse to come back to Manchester.

— The Man Utd Way (@themanutdway) April 26, 2016

So this is life without Ronaldo.

It's a no from me.

— TheAscent (@Yakubu_C) April 26, 2016

After seeing this game we can conclude that Ronaldo is 50% of the squad.

— C (@EdenBaller) April 26, 2016

Hearing rumours Ronaldo gave tonight a miss cos he didn't feel worthy of sharing a pitch with Europe's most clinical striker #Kelechi

— BlueMoonRisingTV (@BMRisingTV) April 26, 2016

Class act from the Madrid team. Ronaldo couldn't play, so neither did they.

— ㅤ (@uzzyofficial) April 26, 2016

I dont think i am going to watch football this much once Ronaldo retires.

— Мoiz! (@moizestic) April 26, 2016

94 – Cristiano Ronaldo has completed 94 levels of Angry Birds whilst sat on the sidelines tonight. Productive.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) April 26, 2016

The only thing we will remember from this match is Ronaldo not playing.

— MerlinUnited (@MerlinUnited) April 26, 2016

Ronaldo's done more in this game than Bale from the bench

— Olly (@Giroudesque) April 26, 2016

mom: whos that
me: thats ronaldo
mom: hes kinda fat no wonder he didnt pass his fitness test pic.twitter.com/QXouy4VFLX

— Emily (@aliciadimaria) April 26, 2016

feel sorry for all the city fans who came to see Ronaldo and didn't get to

— Tom (@livingjoke) April 26, 2016

No Ronaldo, no party. That has been made abundantly clear today. #UCL

— Thomas Hautmann (@ThomasHautmann) April 26, 2016

I like what Ronaldo watches on the bench. pic.twitter.com/w8ZGfLN9hl

— dunc (@FutbolChief) April 26, 2016

Ronaldo chose today to die

— Arifa (@arifrifrifa) April 26, 2016

Ronaldo FC is struggling. Since it's only FC that's playing.

— Chibisuke (@Ope__) April 26, 2016

I think Ronaldo's face sums it all up… #MCIRMA pic.twitter.com/Ajwhp4gXZe

— LiveFootball (@livefootball) April 26, 2016

Come on back, Cristiano Ronaldo—Real Madrid need you. https://t.co/5ojNVwg2pz

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) April 26, 2016

Tonight was just a glimpse of footy when Messi and Ronaldo retire . Underwhelming

— Oluwaseun (@seunbule) April 26, 2016

Ronaldo needed in the second leg.
No matter if he's fit to play or not.

— ✖ (@Neha_RM) April 26, 2016

B-ale B-enzema without C-hristiano Ronaldo ..

BB without C-HARGER

— chuck Noris (@iam_NORIS) April 26, 2016

Interesting tactics from Real Madrid, sitting back and waiting until Ronaldo recovers before launching a counter attack.

— JB™ (@gunnerpunner) April 26, 2016

Ronaldo reminding Man City fans he's still a red at heart. #Mufc


— Totally Man Utd™ (@TotallyMUFC) April 26, 2016

The real Ronaldo…


— Messi Team (@MESSlTEAM) April 26, 2016

Why are Ronaldo fans crying cos they didn't get to see him play tonight. Us Mangala fans were equally as gutted

— Eliaquim (@SimplyMangala_) April 26, 2016

Look at all these CR7 wankers out in full force…Sagna would have pocketed Ronaldo and that would have been the end of it.

— The Barça Maestro (@Iniesta_Fiesta) April 26, 2016

Ronaldo sitting out of CL games to help Messi catch up. Idolo.

— ㅤ (@IlIllIlIlIlIIl) April 27, 2016