The best Newcastle relegation jokes as Sunderland win condemns them to the Championship

Will be playing in the Championship next season.

Newcastle relegation jokes were popular after it was confirmed that they will play in the Championship next season
TAKING THE FLAGS HOME: Newcastle United (Image: Ardfern)

These are the best Newcastle relegated jokes as Sunderland’s 3-0 win over Everton on Wednesday night ensured they’d be playing in the Championship next season.

A slight resurgence under new manager Rafael Benítez was not enough to keep the club in the Premier League and they now face the next campaign in a lower division with a high wage bill after splashing out on players this season.

Here are all the best Newcastle relegation jokes after their fate was confirmed with one game left to play:

#NUFC status. pic.twitter.com/oQnawPYMxP

— KICK (@KICK) 11 May 2016

All together now…#NUFC pic.twitter.com/XAmjHgOPW6

— David Foster (@Dfozzy1970) 11 May 2016

Hello darkness, my old friend. #nufc

— Noa Bachner (@noabachner) 11 May 2016

As it stands, Newcastle will be relegated. pic.twitter.com/9C88o4ogzX

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 11 May 2016

Remind me again… #nufc pic.twitter.com/Gw5tUh0XVW

— My Old Man Said (@oldmansaid) 11 May 2016

Dead 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 sorry Newcastle but this killed me. #UTB pic.twitter.com/1lU4jLocU4

— Jessica Daley (@jessicacaca7) 11 May 2016

That's Rafa Benitez on a zero hour contract in the morning. Poor sod #NUFC #SAFC

— thepinkponce (@thepinkponce) 11 May 2016

Down with the Villa, you're going down with the Villa #AVFC #NUFC

— Matty (@Bacxna) 11 May 2016

Newcastle going down like…https://t.co/B0YcFujG8P

— 3rd Eye (@3rdEyeNot) 11 May 2016

"We've gotta go to Burton Albion & get a result and I tell ya I would love it, love it if we beat them" #nufc #safc pic.twitter.com/FniACyhozb

— thepinkponce (@thepinkponce) 11 May 2016

Ex-#NUFC chairman Freddy Shepherd made this bold statement on the show in February.

Get the 'For Sale' sign up… pic.twitter.com/3A2NMJNMoX

— Alan Brazil (@SportsBreakfast) 11 May 2016

Which way is the Championship, Alan? #CPFC #NUFC pic.twitter.com/y1objCv7Ab

— CPFC HQ (@CPFCHQ) 11 May 2016

Double blow for Benitez and his Newcastle side as Mike Ashley's making them work a 16-hour shift in a warehouse on minimum wage tomorrow

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) 11 May 2016

Photo of the night #NUFC pic.twitter.com/GzOeJLgFdc

— James Hutchinson (@JamesHutch17) 11 May 2016

Perhaps Rangers can loan Newcastle some players next season😉

— Foxy (@foxster1977) 11 May 2016

Tickets on sale soon 😂 #NUFC #swans pic.twitter.com/ughwrccoOX

— SCFC2 (@swansinfo) 11 May 2016

My tribute to Newcastle tonight. Piece of bread in communal garden for a MAGPIE to eat. Poignant. AF pic.twitter.com/8DgiE7qW9V

— AZAK FEVER (@AzakFeverAFC) 11 May 2016

Jack Colback on joining Newcastle from Sunderland: "It was an easy move, I couldn't face another relegation battle". pic.twitter.com/ZOUisBkgeH

— Football Away Days (@FBAwayDays) 11 May 2016

What do you think of Newcastle United Sam?! pic.twitter.com/QwmaRcpDJr

— Wilson (@wilsonbwfc) 11 May 2016

In the space of 12 months, Rafa Benitez has gone from Napoli to Real Madrid to the Sky Bet Championship with Newcastle.

— TheSPORTbible (@TSBible) 11 May 2016

Rafa Benitez reacting to the news that Newcastle have been relegated.. pic.twitter.com/StGA8e6quW

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) 11 May 2016

Wouldn't want to be a horse in Newcastle tonight

— Old Holborn ✘ (@Holbornlolz) 11 May 2016

Haha Newcastle, that is all #relegated pic.twitter.com/EQZgedSMlY

— Emma Mclean (@Emsy001) 11 May 2016

Alan Shearer trying to give away Championship tickets for #NUFC next seasonhttps://t.co/BQMTrMGNRC

— Telegraph Football (@TeleFootball) 11 May 2016

If Rafa Benitez is managing Newcastle in their first game in the championship i'll get his face tattooed on me arse

— Sam (@samrufc) 11 May 2016

But how could Newcastle go down?? THEY'VE GOT A BIG GROUND!!

— ® (@Yxllop) 11 May 2016

I enjoy Newcastle away…..but I won't miss those 3000 steps to my seat

— Pat Frost (@KitmanPat) 11 May 2016

I'd say if you are a glazier in Newcastle get to bed #busydaytomorrow

— Gary murphy (@Garymurphy62) 11 May 2016


This was Mike Ashley only a year ago…https://t.co/Z0ktnNmHPA

— YNFA (@ynfa_thehub) 11 May 2016

Commodoties you can win the Premier League with;

Oil ✔
Gas ✔
Lonsdale trainers❌#NUFC

— Mozferatu (@may26th1999) 11 May 2016

Six police horses have phoned in sick in Newcastle tonight

— Orrible Ives (@Orrible_Ives) 11 May 2016

Following Newcastle's relegation Sports Direct will have an "Everything must go" sale to raise funds for the £93598282 wages next season

— Football Super Tips (@FootySuperTips) 11 May 2016

Newcastle who? Nope, never heard of em mate. What league they in?

— thepinkponce (@thepinkponce) 11 May 2016

Trying to find a Newcastle fan in the premier league…. pic.twitter.com/JQdWD0hFNU

— Harry Hodgson (@HodgyLad) 11 May 2016

The Newcastle squad right now. pic.twitter.com/R1aREgjh9D

— Jonny Gabriel (@JonnyGabriel) 11 May 2016

This banner was at The Stadium Of Light tonight.. 😂 #NUFC #SAFC pic.twitter.com/mbZzdtdnYD

— The Away Fans (@theawayfans) 11 May 2016

We'll meet again, dont know where dont know when… #Newcastle

— Steptoe (@Steptoesyard) 11 May 2016

Every single fan in that stadium on Sunday needs to look at Rafa like this … #nufc #pleasestayrafa pic.twitter.com/04EFcSiqk8

— Gem (@Gemma_Boyes) 11 May 2016

As if some of us have actually convinced ourselves Rafa is going to stay.. They're ringing Holloway & Warnock as we speak man #NUFC

— . (@MarkSalkeld) 11 May 2016

I'd love to go out in Newcastle tonight but my family aren't prepared for a funeral

— kevin (@kevinbarry96) 11 May 2016

Newcastle relegated pic.twitter.com/PSzReAj5ph

— Sellvio Berlu$coni (@Pure_Milanista) 11 May 2016

Newcastle v Leeds next year. They'll have to play it at Glastonbury just so they can get each clubs half a million season ticket holders in.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) 11 May 2016

Newcastle spending a lot of money on crap that they can't get a refund on. Anyone who has shopped at @SportsDirectUK will know how they feel

— Spirit of Mirko (@mirkobolesan) May 11, 2016