The best West Ham ceremony jokes after last game at Upton Park

Had a parade hosted by Ben Shephard following 3-2 win over United.

There were lots of West Ham ceremony jokes after the party following their last game at Upton Park
MOVED: West Ham

These were the best of the West Ham ceremony jokes after their last game at Upton Park before a move to the Olympic Stadium was followed by a lengthy celebration of their time at the ground.

In a thrilling clash, Manchester United were defeated 3-2 by the emotional Hammers with Winston Reid scoring the last ever goal at the Boleyn Ground.

Despite the late kick-off, delayed due to the United team bus being attacked, fans stayed behind after the final whistle and were treated to a parade of former players and past highlights – all of which was covered live by the television cameras.

Here are the best West Ham ceremony jokes after their last game at Upton Park:

Don't forget tomorrow, start of your Super SKY 89 day build up to when West Ham become the first ever football club to play at a new ground

— DUCK MAGAZINE (@DUCKmagstoke) 10 May 2016

If you had just woken up from a coma you would swear that West Ham had just won the treble & the Grand National, not moving house.

— JustSomeLad. (@SomeEvertonFan) 10 May 2016

Mark Noble, 100% cry wanking himself to sleep tonight. Underneath his West Ham duvet, in his single bed, at his Mum's house.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) 10 May 2016

Imagine if West Ham actually won something. They'd never leave the ground

— Jack Rutter (@jackrutter2) 10 May 2016

West ham should have a 30 pt deduction for this behavior tonight

— RAFA@NUFC (@ToonArmyMIA) 10 May 2016

It's just like that time West Ham lifted the……..

— Peter Mcpartland (@PED7) 10 May 2016

West Ham spent more money on them fireworks than they did for their new stadium…

— Sunderland Stats (@SunderlandStats) 10 May 2016

West Ham United spent more on fireworks than Leicester City spent on a Premiership winning squad.

— Jono Yates (@jonoBLITZ) 10 May 2016

This would have been depressing if West Ham lost

— Ashley Ponsford (@PonsfordAshley) 10 May 2016

Decent how West Ham can afford this nice fireworks/pyrotechnics display but not corner flags

— Martin Laurence (@martinlaurence7) 10 May 2016

@FA next home game for West Ham behind closed doors. Go on. Do it!

— Christopher John (@Moley1985) 10 May 2016

FA to probe 'unsavoury incidents this evening' at West Ham. No mention if playing Chesney Hawkes is one of them.

— Mike Keegan (@MikeKeegan_DM) 10 May 2016

@NUFCThreatLevel this West Ham bollocks has convinced me that the Championship is the best place for us all #bollocks

— Marc Duffy (@MarcSDuffy) 10 May 2016

I wonder will these West Ham highlights include a tableau of "The Glassing of the Manchester United Coach"

— Dara Ó Briain (@daraobriain) 10 May 2016

West Ham's do looks a bit pony when you compare it to what the Koreans did earlier https://t.co/jRgBVQkSBA

— Fizzia (@LFizzia) 10 May 2016

Anyone else hoping that the West Ham Staff bring out a giant cake and Theo Walcott jumps out of it?

— ali (@aliladiere) 10 May 2016

Right hold the bus. West Ham are only moving ground?? They're not not dead???

— Keith Lasley (@keithlasley) 10 May 2016

Oh dear, the west ham send off has turned into holiday camp entertainment.. Are we having fun? "groovey"

— Tony McCool (@antmccool7) 10 May 2016

Are West Ham burning down their stadium?

Or is that just fireworks?

— Jade ♡ (@JadeStamate) 10 May 2016

Didn't realise Ginola was a West Ham fan 😂 👀 @teamginola pic.twitter.com/nxl1slwzFI

— Wenger Out! © (@DeejayDt) 10 May 2016

FACT: The most gutted West Ham fans. Losing this view! pic.twitter.com/oxbOBIkg94

— Footy Memes (@FootyMemes) 10 May 2016

Be sick in a minute when Ben Shepherd whips out a big game of Tipping Point with all the medals West Ham didn't win at Cardiff in 2006.

— Paul Anderson (@PaulAndo1987) 10 May 2016

For most of my life I seem to have called West Ham's ground by the wrong name, but also mispronouncing Henry VIII's second wife's name.

— Rob Baker (@robnitm) 10 May 2016

FA absolutely right to investigate West Ham after tonight's ugly scenes. Ben Shephard and Bianca Westwood? Disgusting.

— Josh Warwick (@Joshy_No4) 10 May 2016

Mable Arnold aged 100 still watching West Ham, only football makes this happen I salute you mable👏🏻 did you throw a bottle😂#WestHam

— Steve phillips (@stevephillips78) 10 May 2016

Walcott's taxi has arrived at West Ham. pic.twitter.com/LLY4UidAlX

— Glynn Tee (@SouthportDJ) 10 May 2016

they could have saved money and got all the West Ham legends in one cab to be fair….

— Paul Boardman (@PaulBoardie) 10 May 2016

Here is a list of football teams that stoically moved grounds without overly sentimental media coverage.#WestHam pic.twitter.com/UJW0nYaYpn

— James Melville (@JamesMelville) 10 May 2016

These West Ham players should have got Ubers, really.

— Kristian Walsh (@Kristian_Walsh) 10 May 2016

How can you not love West Ham though seriously? A club that gives Matt Etherington a parade will always be in my heart.

— Ben Wills (@_BenWills) 10 May 2016

When's the firm going to bounce on the pitch at West Ham ??? pic.twitter.com/XiTZZ9jG8x

— John Bateman (@johnbateman1) 10 May 2016

West Ham's game on Sunday will have a delayed kick off at this rate.

— Brian Carroll (@BC65biglad) 10 May 2016

90% of these west ham "legends" are Ryan Mason level

— Decky (@Deckymch) 10 May 2016

West Ham and their "legends" pic.twitter.com/DGJ4XtQdtQ

— John M O'Sullivan (@NotoriousJOS) 10 May 2016

Biggest achievement involving West Ham football club pic.twitter.com/yWUZE9Tr02

— #LVGOUT (@BasedGodNorthy) 10 May 2016

West Ham are going to miss the start of next season if this goes on much longer….

— Phil (@P_Syers) 10 May 2016

Not only are my taxes paying for their new stadium but my Sky Subscription is now paying for West Ham TV….

— CharltonLife.com (@CharltonLife) 10 May 2016

Reckon I could do enough to be a West Ham legend can't be that hard surely

— Simply (@DemPele) 10 May 2016

Could UK taxpayers offer an extra payment to make this West Ham ceremony stop?

— Ryan Bailey (@RyanJayBailey) 10 May 2016

West Ham have raised the bar here. There'll be music + laser displays every time a club cordon off 6 seats to fix a leaky roof from now on.

— Rick (@BanditNanna) 10 May 2016

Some say…..

This West Ham post match tribute is still going.

— JΛY BUCKS (@TheMasterBucks) 10 May 2016

All of the people moaning about all the coverage West Ham are getting on TV here's some advice

Grab your remote & change the channel 👍🏻

— Sara Turner (@sarantfc_) 10 May 2016

Bowie & Prince would have loved a send off like this. You would think West Ham were moving to Nicaragua/folding, not 3 miles down the road.

— Ed Quigley (@Longshot_Ted) 10 May 2016

I'd stop supporting West Ham after this.

— Raj Bains (@BainsXIII) 10 May 2016

My last memory of West Ham is a 50-year-old man signing a rock rendition of Forever Blowing Bubbles like a drunk Dad at a wedding.

— Callum Read (@callumread) 10 May 2016

We just west ham'd the ending of this ceremony

— Josh Hakki (@joshhakki) 10 May 2016

Watching the West Ham fans faces watching this band playing out their last game at their stadium is the best thing I've seen all season

— Nathan Sykes (@NathanSykes) 10 May 2016

Gonna be boss when West Ham finish 12th next year.

— The Anfield Chat (@TheAnfieldChat) 10 May 2016

Pitch invader heckled by a West Ham fan next to the press box. "You're wearing chinos, mate – you should be ashamed of yourself"

— Simon Peach (@SimonPeach) 10 May 2016

Wouldn't be surprised if every football club in the UK has a minutes silence for West Ham next week the way it's going. Give it a rest.

— Jake (@JakeSpritzer) 10 May 2016

I pray that West Ham stay in the Olympic Stadium forever. The country might commit mass suicide if they have watch coverage of another move.

— Matt (@Chelfucius) 10 May 2016

West Ham closing ceremony > Olympics

— Allan Smith (@Allan22_WHU) 10 May 2016