The best Manchester United jokes after 5-3 Leicester defeat

The fun continues after a goalfest at the King Power Stadium.

Louis van Gaal will not laugh at the Manchester United jokes after their 5-3 Leicester City defeat
LOST AGAIN: van Gaal (Image: Paul Blank)

Don’t miss this selection of the latest Manchester United jokes after Leicester City’s astonishing 5-3 Premier League win over Louis van Gaal’s side.

David Moyes may have left the Old Trafford but, following a small gap in proceedings last weekend, fortunately the fun has continued with a goalfest at the King Power Stadium.

Two penalties helped the newly promoted club to come back from 0-3 down to beat United’s expensively and somewhat hastily assembled team in style.

Check out the best Leicester 5-3 Manchester United jokes:

Man utd … LOL

— Mario Balotelli (@FinallyMario) September 21, 2014

Picture of Manchester United's defense. pic.twitter.com/QF83ld3xMX

— Uber Football Fact (@UberFootFact) September 21, 2014

Calm down Leceister, it's only United.

— SANCHEZZED! (@sickolia_) September 21, 2014


— Keyser Söze (@MadeManJama) September 21, 2014

Missing: Man United's defence, last seen 2012. If you have any information please get in touch.

— TheLADBible (@TheLadBible) September 21, 2014

Watching the Man United defence like… pic.twitter.com/e1DINcZjYs

— The True Geordie (@TrueGeordieNUFC) September 21, 2014

Bantschester United

— VUJ (@TheVujanic) September 21, 2014

David Moyes.. pic.twitter.com/8uJgf6vECq

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) September 21, 2014

Van Gaal should have brought Tim Krul on.

— Arsenal News (@_arsenal__news) September 21, 2014

What's the difference between United defence and a taxi driver? A taxi driver will only let in four at a time.

— Artur Petrosyan (@arturpetrosyan) September 21, 2014

Mums comforting my brother saying it's just a passing phase, United losing. Dad then chipped in saying that's what we said about Mugabe ??????

— Cathy (@Miss__Cathy) September 21, 2014

I thought my agent meant City not United pic.twitter.com/nYre98Yu6a

— mmldn (@MMLdn) September 21, 2014


— KAISER KEEF (@ShaiArctic) September 21, 2014

Man United's defense has gone full Arsenal high line, you never go full Arsenal. pic.twitter.com/Wohw3eOQFT

— 7amkickoff (@7amkickoff) September 21, 2014

Man United are back. pic.twitter.com/woD1ueJHvd

— Soccer Memes (@SoccerMemes) September 21, 2014

United fans heading back to the cave. pic.twitter.com/KkYaSEnIQK

— Arsene's Army (@ArsenesArmy) September 21, 2014

Oh well you won this United pic.twitter.com/TTpYa4VE2w

— Anthony Mahoney (@AnthonyMahoney3) September 21, 2014

Shat on Man United!

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) September 21, 2014

Manchester United's new sponsor pic.twitter.com/qb9Tl0Ml8N

— Michal Walczak (@xwalchuckx) September 21, 2014

Jose Mourinho – Intelligent mind Manuel Pellegrini – Tactical mind Arsene Wenger – Business mind Louis Van Gaal – Never mind

— Football Central (@FootballCentral) September 21, 2014

And they said you were going back… pic.twitter.com/XqxtOp2Cuv

— The SPORT Bible (@TSBible) September 21, 2014

If Manchester United was car.. pic.twitter.com/YdGZPeJYfc

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) September 21, 2014

I just tried changing my laptop password to Man United defence but it said it was too weak..??

— Jamie Vardy (@VardyGoal) September 21, 2014

Manchester United's defence today pic.twitter.com/m3TqT43k5z

— Stupid Football (@StupidFootball) September 21, 2014

When Van Gaal said he was aiming to finish 2nd, I didn't realise he meant in every game..

— Cry Me a Riviere (@CabellasLeftPeg) September 21, 2014

Tragedy.. With Louis Van Gaal You're goin' nowhere………. pic.twitter.com/62yf1bzi4H

— Ash Holcroft (@AshHolcroft) September 21, 2014

Man United have spent £30m per point so far. Hilarious.

— JG (@Artekkers) September 21, 2014

Man United moaning about referees after years of getting every decision? pic.twitter.com/WAE5vQOmY1

— Stupid Football (@StupidFootball) September 21, 2014

Fortunately for Man United they have some decent fixtures coming up. pic.twitter.com/sli1Tdn5M4

— Tim Bolton (@timbolton1) September 21, 2014

When you see the score from the Man United game pic.twitter.com/rVucLDOIe7

— Walid Arsenal (@1Walid1) September 21, 2014

If Manchester United was a girl.. pic.twitter.com/YyAaAy0YWG

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) September 21, 2014