The best Loris Karius jokes from the Champions League final after two big mistakes

Blundered on the biggest stage.

Everyone was making Loris Karius jokes on Twitter as he made two big mistakes in the Champions League final as Liverpool lost 3-1 to Real Madrid in Kiev
COCKED-UP: Karius (Image: Дмитрий Садовников/soccer.ru)

A goalkeeping horror show helped Real Madrid on their way to a third successive Champions League title and the performance of Liverpool’s Loris Karius will be discussed for a long time to come.

Two major errors led to two seemingly avoidable goals for Karim Benzema and his teammate Gareth Bale.

These were the best of the Loris Karius jokes from the Champions League final as Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 in Kiev:

If this men’s version of football is going to develop professionally they really are going to have think seriously about goalkeeping standards #shocking #UCLFinal

— Margot McCuaig (@MargotMcCuaig) May 26, 2018


Things that are more useful than Karius:#UCLfinal pic.twitter.com/JH81utIdhR

— Dave Nolan (@davenolan17) May 26, 2018


English Wikipedia page about #Karius right now… #UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/gVN1qqkcuT

— Łukasz Karolak (@lukasz_karolak) May 26, 2018


I just saw this on Karius's Wiki page but it's already been edited back to its original state now #UCLfinal pic.twitter.com/0Uo9Zrmf8I

— Dr Grandayy (@grandayy) May 26, 2018

Who will you prefer in your goal post
RT for Basket
Like for Kairus pic.twitter.com/mxm0CXnYSr

— ♚ Ugℓу Nαke∂ Gυу (@t_riumphant) May 26, 2018

I feel awful for Karius, he’s gonna get a lot of mean tweets, and even worse, he’ll be unable to block them.#uclfinal  #lfc #realmadrid  #karius

— Ji Sung Park (@RealParkJiSung) May 26, 2018

Worst use of gloves since OJ Simpson trial #Karius #UCLfinal

— Dougorelos (@54Beats44) May 26, 2018

FIFA 19….I’m ready!#UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/nLTrDAEVdw

— Castro1021 (@Castro1021) May 26, 2018

Who would you rather have in goal? #UCLFinal

RT – Dua Lipa
Like – Loris Karius pic.twitter.com/PmSNQcwe6L

— EH (@ehazaa_) May 26, 2018

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.
Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” #UCLfinal#Karius pic.twitter.com/YtwQ8reUBb

— Adelicia (@Frau_Boateng) May 26, 2018


Eyes on everything but the ball ⚽ #UCLfinal pic.twitter.com/Mx269iSpr2

— Dictate The Game (@DictateTheGame) May 26, 2018

#UCLFinal #UCLFinal2018 #Karius Poor Karius, he's basically gonna end up like Ray Finkle from Ace Ventura now..

— Russell Casse (@TBAYEFC) May 26, 2018


Bale's Shot incoming.

Karius: My hands don't feel so good#UCLfinal pic.twitter.com/5bjbRpK0oE

— J*O*H*N ︻┳テ╦═── (@i_am_jonoscar) May 26, 2018

When it's Ramos who dislocated Salah's shoulder but everyone is blaming you pic.twitter.com/Xpj1shpDh7

— Mutebi Alex Kato 🐐 (@mutebilx_qato) May 26, 2018

"Cheers mate, beers on me tonight" pic.twitter.com/tayoKF1vUR

— ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) May 26, 2018