The best jokes from the Community Shield final as Man City beat Chelsea 2-0

Masses of empty seats and less than huge interest online.

There were jokes during the 2018 Community Shield as Manchester City beat Chelsea 2-0
WON: Shield (Image: Seth Whales)

Drab modern football was on show at Wembley earlier today as Manchester City strolled to a 2-0 win over Chelsea to win the 2018/19 Community Shield.

On a very hot afternoon, an uninspiring clash saw new Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri lose his first competitive match in charge of the team.

Much focus was on Álvaro Morata who has changed his squad number from 9 to 29 in a tribute to his newborn twins following their arrival on July 29th.

With masses of empty seats and less than huge interest online, these were the best jokes from the Community Shield final:

Flamethrowers, selfies, plastic flags, empty seats, and the third-place finishers in The Voice UK final – yes, it’s the #CommunityShield #CHEMCI

— Paul Brown (@pbsportswriter) August 5, 2018

GENUINE QUESTION: Is there a creche at the Chelsea Vs Man City men's game today? With so many young fathers heading to Wembley this afternoon, just wondering who's looking after their kids #MensCommunityShield #CommunityShield

— manwhohasitall (@manwhohasitall) August 5, 2018


See London is successfully cutting back the plastics #goonerfamily #uta #CommunityShield #football #COYG pic.twitter.com/dp1k0PmR6I

— gunnergal-1 (@afc1gunner) August 5, 2018

Congratulations to @ChelseaFC on your we sold more tickets than you trophy..@ManCity

— mark lewis (@bluecamp66) August 5, 2018

Rules of the #CommunityShield ~

It’s a friendly and doesn’t matter. *

*it matters if your team is playing.**

**it doesn’t matter if your team doesn’t win.***

***if you win it, but your team doesn’t win anything else that season – it didn’t matter.

— Sam Homewood (@SamHomewood) August 5, 2018


Win – legitimate trophy

Lose – glorified friendly

— Kristian Sturt – Transfer News (@FootieWriter) August 5, 2018

☀️ Kevin De Bruyne ruled out for Man City today due to the 20+ degree heat…#CommunityShield pic.twitter.com/GnKdlJFdUH

— The Sportsman (@TheSportsman) August 5, 2018



I think Caballero grew that beard to disguise himself after what he did to Argentina this summer #CommunityShield

— Crossbar Soccer (@crossbar_soccer) August 5, 2018



Morata's body language summed up #CommunityShield #Morata pic.twitter.com/UCViGAos0y

— Matthew Charnell (@MCshizzzle) August 5, 2018


Morata would have misssed it

— Waѕiyullah Budye (@WasiyullahB) August 5, 2018

Chelsea need to make 3 signings alone in the half time.

— Nawaz. (@BlueNawaz) August 5, 2018

its not career mode mate

— Joseph (@JosephCFC18) August 5, 2018

The real comedy is having Morata as main striker.

— Hector Hernandez (@SaulGattuso) August 5, 2018

That 29 out there, in a Chelsea shirt… plays just like that guy who wore the number 9 last season.

— Dan Levene (@danlevene) August 5, 2018


Chelsea went from Diego Costa, a man who’s idea of a relaxing night is to watch A Serbian Film & pour triple vodka shots through his eyeballs, to Morata who needs a night light to get to sleep.

— United Religion (@Unitedology) August 5, 2018

I'm not crying. You are. #BringBackDiego pic.twitter.com/zNY1rpRrKg

— Hazardous (@OddoiFutureCFC) August 5, 2018

Jesus now Moses on the pitch, it must be Sunday!! #CommunityShield #CHEMCI

— LynneG (@lynger2000) August 5, 2018

Moses, Jesus and Abraham on the pitch, a biblical fanfiction for the ages. #CommunityShield

— COPA90 (@COPA90) August 5, 2018

At this rate, Morata might miss heaven.#FanLiveNG #CommunityShield

— Omope Abdul Azeez (@Iam_Abdulaxis) August 5, 2018

Chelsea bring on Drinkwater. An aptly named player in this heat. Stay safe, folks.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) August 5, 2018


The only positive from the game for Chelsea is transfer window is still open! #CommunityShield

— Sunil A S (@AnsSunil) August 5, 2018

New Chelsea manager apologises to fans.

He says he's Sarri.#CommunityShield

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) August 5, 2018

#Sarri: “It’s impossible to play football whit this very hot Sun” #CommunityShield

— Cavallo Bianconero (@CAVALLO_BN) August 5, 2018




☝️ 18-year-old Claudio Gomes has now won a trophy for Man City after being on the pitch for ONE second…#MCFC#CommunityShield pic.twitter.com/JMAML54zjZ

— The Sportsman (@TheSportsman) August 5, 2018

They buy success, why can't we buy players?

— Curious Dembouz (@FuriousRantz16) August 5, 2018

Only true managerial masterminds win the Community Shield pic.twitter.com/tWRXjjhvEq

— ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) August 5, 2018

we weren’t even third best, the fucking Referee did more.

— Blues Views (@Majestic_Hudson) August 5, 2018

So Chelsea fans… who are from London… sold out all there tickets… only to leave 50 mins in

Man City fans… who didn’t sell out every single seat… because they come from Manchester…191 miles away… and every single one stays till the end…to watch them win(again)

— molly x (@mollmcfc) August 5, 2018


Roman wants rid of Chelsea. He can't be bothered anymore. He feels fucked over by the Home Office. He feels that he's been disrespected after he's put a lot of money in their coffers. He knows a lot of home office workers support Chelsea and he will get his final revenge

— BAM AFC (@TheAFCBam) August 5, 2018

It's the Community Shield…its for charity..not a serious trophy *wipes tear*

— Imoh Umoren (@ImohUmoren) August 5, 2018

Can't believe the qualifying rounds for next season's Community Shield start in five days

— a chris (@chrs00) August 5, 2018