The best jokes from Soccer Aid 2020 as Rest of the World win on penalties

Musician Chunkz misses crucial sudden-death penalty.

There were all sorts of tweets and jokes from Soccer Aid 2020 as Rest of the World beat England on penalties
(Image: YouTube/ITV Sport)

Rest of the World beat England on penalties after a 1-1 draw over ninety minutes at Old Trafford in Soccer Aid 2020.

A host of Love Island contestants, musicians, comedians, former players and other celebrities gathered for the annual charity match on Sunday night – minus Yaya Touré, who pulled out following ‘inappropriate’ WhatsApp messages.


Dermot O’Leary, Alex Scott and Clive Tyldesley helped present the event live on ITV while a song from Robbie Williams began the coverage.

Robbie Keane opened the scoring for Rest of the World early in the first half before Yung Filley equalised just two minutes later.

All of us when Chunkz missed the penalty #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/n4oScWQOhO

— Aminur Rahman (@_Aminur_) September 6, 2020

Lee Mack missed a penalty for England for the third year running but fans were disappointed to see Chunkz also miss and hand the victory to their opponents.

These were the best tweets and jokes from Soccer Aid 2020:

Yaya Toure rocking up to #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/YM8yGEVQVA

— Average Striker (@AverageStriker) September 5, 2020

#SoccerAid Robbie Williams pic.twitter.com/PbZioswMNh

— Tom Ashton (@tomashtonfam) September 6, 2020

#SoccerAid I’ll donate whatever you want, just make this stop please. pic.twitter.com/vBDKs3S5zy

— Craig (@bartrumus1986) September 6, 2020




"Lee Mack and Jason Manford are two of Britian's best comedians but malaria is no joke, please donate whatever you can"

— Major Charles Innocent (@JoeStephenson96) September 6, 2020

Ryan Bertrand's had a decent pre season #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/kcwGBWJ5Q5

— jay allėn (@jayjay_allen) September 6, 2020

Starts for every team in Europe btw pic.twitter.com/0oUDhPbSqx

— Mahad (@AFCMahad) September 6, 2020

Come on Olly!! #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/ir3uqDUGJg

— Niko B (@ihatetomaustin) September 6, 2020

Bradley: What do you want, Wayne?

Rooney: Chicken bhuna, lamb bhuna, prawn bhuna, mushroom rice, bag of chips, keema naan and nine poppadoms. #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/oPsZnNxNLb

— Kieran (@KieranRogers96) September 6, 2020


Robbie Keane: "I'm delighted to be playing for Soccer Aid World XI. I've supported them since I was a kid."#SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/McjWUph8HO

— Mark Whittle (@treble87) September 6, 2020

clive tyldesley trying to not pop a fat joke every time Chunkz touches the ball #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/RRnONo9Q8D

— Ben (@benjgreaves) September 6, 2020

Jeremy Swaz Lynch when he hits the crossbar in the #SoccerAid match pic.twitter.com/e7wvhk2D1p

— znakaksnks (@znakaksnks) September 6, 2020

Are people really losing their shit because a former professional top level football did a bit of skill and megged lee Mack?? Jesus Christ! That’s like Zidane skinning Bruce frosythe!

— Ben (@benjani211) September 6, 2020

Going to tell my kids this was Mbappe and Neymar. #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/0L991IjRVU

— ESPN UK (@ESPNUK) September 6, 2020

Dave when his team loses #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/rQi9gNeFJW

— Usman (@FaIseCF_) September 6, 2020


I know it’s for charity but they need to stop letting Lee Mack take fucking penalties

— Jack R. (@jaackrichardson) September 6, 2020

Phoning up talkSPORT right now to demand Lee Mack never plays for England again

— Major Charles Innocent (@JoeStephenson96) September 6, 2020

Lee Mack should be ordered to ring the parents of a soldier who has died serving his country in Afghanistan and tell them his reasons for missing.

— keir (@Kingkeir) September 6, 2020

Olly Murs is inconsolable after that Lee Mack penalty. #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/T4JbQvp9wp

— Carl Jones (@CarlDJones) September 6, 2020


Jeremy Lynch after winning the Soccer Aid match #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/n5Q8Vq8w4r

— GabrielSzn (@GabrielHive) September 6, 2020


Lee Mack when he's taking a penalty: Not Going In

— Major Charles Innocent (@JoeStephenson96) September 6, 2020