The best Ángel Di María jokes as United exit Capital One Cup

The best jokes as Manchester United lose to MK Dons in the cup shortly after his arrival.

There were many Ángel Di María jokes as United exited the Capital One Cup at the hands of MK Dons
SECOND THOUGHTS? Di María (Image: Fanny Schertzer)

Yes, here are the best Ángel Di María jokes as Manchester United lose 4-0 to MK Dons in the 2nd round of the Capital One Cup.


Louis van Gaal’s poor start as manager goes on, but perhaps most disillusioned will be the latest big money signing to arrive at Old Trafford.

Costing an estimated £59.7m, supporters will hope that the Argentina international has what it takes to turn the club’s fortunes around.

Don’t miss the best Ángel Di María jokes after MK Dons 4-0 Manchester United:

Someone get Di Maria to Milton Keynes sharpish!

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) August 26, 2014

Di Maria's reaction to MK Don's 1 Man United 0 https://t.co/9RoZKbEZ1c

— Laurie (@LaurieAFC) August 26, 2014

@mickquinn1089 Quinny, Di Maria after watching the 1st Half pic.twitter.com/EoUm6LjVBo

— Martyn Jones (@iMartynJones) August 26, 2014

It's a good thing Di Maria will sort out all Man United's defensive problems.

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) August 26, 2014

Di Maria right now. pic.twitter.com/IRhSYkA8T6

— Sunday League Footy (@SundayChants) August 26, 2014


— Beijing Red 4 Lyf (@Beijingcasuals) August 26, 2014

BREAKING: Angel Di Maria has handed in a transfer request at Manchester United.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) August 26, 2014

Di Maria watching this pic.twitter.com/yaLasZdghU

— HarryPotterReactions (@PotterReacts) August 26, 2014

Di maria on the phone to his agent like pic.twitter.com/TK2gbetlif

— sho (@Javvv_) August 26, 2014

Di Maria watching the Manchester United game like… pic.twitter.com/INExmueqzc

— Transfer Sources (@TransferSources) August 26, 2014

Di maria will soon be at florentino perez' office like this. pic.twitter.com/CAsahk82tV

— Dr Adebule (@seunbule) August 26, 2014

Di Maria: "I didn't sign four this"

— Kárim Al Balushi (@KarimB92) August 26, 2014

Imagine the banter on di Maria's whatsapp right now tho.

— karachikhatmal (@karachikhatmal) August 26, 2014

Poor Angle di Maria pic.twitter.com/hOeFZZTqnW

— 9GAG Troll Football (@9trollfootball) August 26, 2014

I just shared a joke with Clive.I showed him this picture and said "I bet this is Di Maria right now" #MKDonsVManUtd pic.twitter.com/NpikbWVoDC

— Obvious Townsend (@ItsObviousAndy) August 26, 2014

That's got be annoying to Di Maria. He only signed because he was guaranteed League Cup football #MUFC

— Mark Webster (@ItsMarkWebster) August 26, 2014

Angel di Maria has been spotted boarding a Ryanair flight back to Madrid

— Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) August 26, 2014

Angel Di Maria http://t.co/QZ7DWTkrlA

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) August 26, 2014

United will need more than MARIA mother of God they need JESUS. pic.twitter.com/7cXRkf8NB4

— James Smart (@jamessmat) August 26, 2014

Damn it Di Maria… pic.twitter.com/gLVUvHb0sr

— Ryan Fatone (@rfatone1) August 26, 2014

How much taxi to airport?

— Angry Di Maria (@angry_dimaria) August 26, 2014

Di maria: I made a mistake and I would like to come back Ancelotti: pic.twitter.com/gxLCIhkUCo

— K. (@Remorse_1) August 26, 2014

Di Maria when he saw the score.. pic.twitter.com/bZZRjBAX8R

— James Hall (@James_Hall92) August 26, 2014

"..and then I told him, join Man United you won't regret it" pic.twitter.com/b0JfJUiBDo

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) August 26, 2014

@MissNataliePike Just seen Di Maria outside my house!https://t.co/yeqxAhLZfc

— Wiehanndup (@wiehanndup) August 26, 2014

When Di Maria signed for RM, his team lost 4-0 vs Alcorcon and now United lost 4-0 vs MKDons. A coincidence? pic.twitter.com/Vh54O9dVkw

— Football Trolls (@Footballltrolls) August 26, 2014