The best jokes from England 2-1 Turkey as Hodgson’s squad fail to impress ahead of Euros

Recently-selected controversial 26-man squad struggle at the Etihad.

Roy Hodgson can afford to laugh at the jokes from England 2-1 Turkey after his side just about secured a win at the Etihad
CAN’T EXPLAIN IT: Hodgson (Image: YouTube/Fastest & Hottest News)

These were the best jokes from England 2-1 Turkey as an offside goal from Harry Kane and a scrappy late Jamie Vardy strike saved the blushes of Roy Hodgson and his recently selected 26-man squad, who struggled to assert themselves in the international friendly at the Etihad.

A controversial line-up from the England manager, omitting several in-form players, eventually secured the win in the 83rd minute despite a couple of late scares – but not before the inevitable complaints from the public watching at home.

Here are the best jokes from England 2-1 Turkey on Sunday evening:

This is terrible, they'll never all fit into Wembley! #ENGvTUR pic.twitter.com/bHjq48HQW2

— Ben Spindler (@TinkHolloway) May 22, 2016

If we don't beat Turkey later I'm voting out the EU. Plot twist; I will do regardless. #EngvTur

— Jonny Bayliss (@j2thabay) May 22, 2016

Love the new ITV player cam

Red button..
Select player..
Mark Noble #engvtur pic.twitter.com/iBhxeRZYA0

— Richard Cracknell (@MrCracknell) May 22, 2016


— Woof Zip Criminal (@fritzromanov) May 22, 2016

FFS. In the kitchen for both goals #engvtur

— Paul Jordan (@paulj71) May 22, 2016

Hoddle: "That's offside for me"

Yes, and everyone else. And according to the laws of the game #ENGvTUR

— George Thorpe (@gthorpesport) May 22, 2016

For anyone wondering, that defeaning boom was the sound of a nation's hearts breaking as they remember they wont win the Euros. #EngvTur

— Copa90 (@Copa90) May 22, 2016

Best physio ever!? #engvtur #England pic.twitter.com/KfWtYbZU8S

— Ben Fenlon (@HailLeviathan) May 22, 2016

Play Vardy on the wing, & let your main striker take wide free kicks. This. Is. England. #engvtur

— Mitchell Dunkley (@Mitchley) May 22, 2016

England v Turkey. Winner stays in/gets into Europe. #engvtur

— Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) May 22, 2016

Another half of Glenn Hoddle's soul-draining voice could put even Mr Tumble on suicide watch. #EngVTur

— BeCo (@BeCo74) May 22, 2016

Every time Wilshere goes down you fear that's him out for six months… #engvtur

— Football Fragmento (@footyfragmento) May 22, 2016

Does it make me a terrible person if I hope that Wilshere gets injured? #engvtur

— hannah batters (@batleynufc) May 22, 2016

For those that think friendlies are worthless, look at this game. Then you will see that you are right. #engvtur

— 888sport (@888sport) May 22, 2016

So who's breaking their metatarsal today then? #engvtur #England

— PoopaTrooper (@PoopaTrooper) May 22, 2016

Some of these Turkish tackles are not very friendly #engvtur

— Simon Ford-Powell (@simonfp1) May 22, 2016

That was the first EVER goal Turkey have scored against England. #engvtur pic.twitter.com/ZEX25knuLw

— Callum (@Panayisalad) May 22, 2016

Vardy is less comfortable with crosses than Jesus. #engvtur

— Beller (@MyLovelyBoro) May 22, 2016

I've had two naps during this half. I look forward to more after the break… #engvtur

— Dougie Brimson (@dougiebrimson) May 22, 2016

@dougiebrimson Turkey 1-Turkeys 1

— J T (@JeremyTrigwell) May 22, 2016

Wow, from following Twitter, #England have gone from European Champions to Sunday League chuffers within 45 minutes. Impressive #engvtur

— eurofoot (@eurofootstadium) May 22, 2016

Best thing about this game so far has been Ian Wright's knitted tie at half-time #engvtur

— whydidhessfly (@whydidhessfly) May 22, 2016

When 2 players tap the ball between each other for ages I always wonder if they know why they're there. #engvtur

— JC (@Ahwellnevermind) May 22, 2016

Someone is enjoying the game #engvtur #England pic.twitter.com/lMQ9qFAtaH

— Hannah (@Hannah_Newson) May 22, 2016

What really happened. #engvtur #bbcfootball pic.twitter.com/Eh5gxmtVWi

— Battle Stars App (@BattleStarsFC) May 22, 2016

"Neither Glenn nor Venables managed to make it to even 30 games!" HE'S SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. #engvtur pic.twitter.com/Hxn4ClLKd1

— Paul Schofield (@schofey27) May 22, 2016

Wilshere there, showing why only a fool would take him to the Euros above Danny Drinkwater. #engvtur

— Lee Marlow (@LM_Marlow) May 22, 2016

Watching #ENGVTUR like pic.twitter.com/BkSd0TjZbS

— Nicole Holliday (@NicoleHolliday) May 22, 2016

Every time I hear that something on a football pitch has been done 'cleverly', I think 'oh god, how did he get back in?'. #engvtur

— Chris Scott (@cscottaus) May 22, 2016

Apparently we are the fourth favourites to win the Euro's. I don't even think we're fourth favourite to win this match #EngvTur

— Kieran (@ATPKieran) May 22, 2016

I know what will help this game….. HENDO. Another unfit midfielder #engvtur

— KenBev (@KennyBeveridge) May 22, 2016

Jack Wilshere coming off? didn't even realise he was on #engvtur

— Giles (@jamiegiles29) May 22, 2016

Who's stepping up to miss this then? #engvtur

— Adam Webster (@adswebbo) May 22, 2016

Much like the Premier League season, that. Leicester do the good work, Tottenham ruin it at the end. #ENGvTUR

— Clive Gritt (@TheCliveGritt) May 22, 2016

Story of the season, that. A Leicester player diving followed by a Sp*rs player bottling it. #ENGvTUR

— Matt Littlechild (@mattlittlechild) May 22, 2016

"I know you're new here, Harry, but we don't miss penalties until the tournament starts." #engvtur

— Dave Turner (@mrdaveturner) May 22, 2016

IT'S HAPPENED AGAIN! #engvturhttps://t.co/JTzNQP4mxT

— Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) May 22, 2016

If that collar curls up any more it'll be in his nose. #engvtur pic.twitter.com/3azieylz32

— Falkland Islands (@falklands_utd) May 22, 2016

The most important thing we've learned tonight is that the red socks experiment hasn't worked at all #engvtur #allwhiteplease

— Ant (@antjwalk) May 22, 2016

Dear @FA

GET RID OF THE BAND!!!!!!#engvtur

— James Britton (@JamesBritton84) May 22, 2016

Hart is without doubt an absolute lunatic but that's what it takes to be that alert 24/7. Unagi. #EngvTur

— Copa90 (@Copa90) May 22, 2016

Football really isn't what it used to be… Especially not now #LeicesterCity have completed it! #engvtur

— Matthew ツ (@LessAloof) May 22, 2016