The best jokes from England 2-0 Costa Rica at Elland Road

England visit Leeds before heading off to Russia.

There were lots of jokes from England 2-0 Costa Rica, international friendly at Elland Road
DESTINATION: Leeds (Image: Jim Moran)

England defeated Costa Rica at Elland Road on Thursday night in their last warm-up friendly before heading off for Russia 2018.

An enjoyable atmosphere was generated by fans who rarely get to see the national team play live in a stadium other than Wembley.

The hosts dominated and goals from Marcus Rashford and Danny Welbeck secured the win with the only other notable moment being when captain Jordan Henderson apologised after kicking the ball into the crowd.

These were the best of the jokes from England 2-0 Costa Rica, international friendly at Elland Road:

To watch #LoveIsland or #ENGCRC tonight? 🤔

Easy decision. Why would I want to watch a bunch of talentless idiots strutting around trying to impress the public when they’re going to be forgotten in a month or two?

Love Island it is ✅

— Andy (@andylapworth) June 7, 2018


Any England game at Bellend Rd? Assume this is so the players can acclimatise to an environment of tattooed fuckwits doing monkey impressions. #ENGCRC

— Monkey Chops (@MonkeyChopchop) June 7, 2018

Crowd: You sh*t bastard Ahhhhhhh!
Commentator: You don't hear that chanted at the Bernabeu.

Welcome to Elland Road. #lufc #england #ENGvCRC #ENGCRC

— 𝔖𝔭𝔞𝔠𝔢 𝔐𝔞𝔫 𝔇𝔞𝔳𝔢 (@IndigoOffspring) June 7, 2018

If you usually watch @England at #Wembley you may be experiencing an unexpected noise through your television at the moment. It’s called atmosphere. #vivathenorth #thenorthwillriseagain #ENGCRC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

— Callum James (@gibby9790) June 7, 2018

#ENGCRC ITV obviously didn't get the memo from Sky that you need to turn the mics down at Elland Road because people use naughty words #lufc

— KochTease (@TaxiBillLUFC) June 7, 2018


Jordan Henderson going full Will McKenzie twatting the ball at someone in a wheelchair. pic.twitter.com/RVACnOAeOn

— Stone Cold Jane Austen (@AndyRoss18) June 7, 2018

If sterling had kicked that ball into the crowd that Henderson did he'd currently be on bail pending a hearing #ENGCRC

— Dale (@collsy88) June 7, 2018

Jordan Henderson just now 😂 #sorry #ENGCRC pic.twitter.com/r5zB3su5RK

— Sam C 🎙⚽️ (@WestBerksSam) June 7, 2018

IT'S COMING HOME. #eng #mufc #engcrc pic.twitter.com/FxwIH3z1nS

— Olly Hawkins (@Olly_Hawk) June 7, 2018

When Welbeck came on I thought it was Soccer Aid. #ENGCRC

— Neil Peter ⚔️ (@Neil1889) June 7, 2018

Marcus Rashford is probably the best player in the world #ENGCRC

— ً (@ProudieYT) June 7, 2018

#Rashford wasn't even born when Baddiel and Skinner originally released 3 Lions 😫

Now I feel old #ENGCRC

— Cheryl Jepson 👩🏼‍💻 (@Cherylc2187) June 7, 2018

Forget the football. More subs please #ENGCRC pic.twitter.com/yvLQhDCMzg

— Karl Adamson (@MFKingpin) June 7, 2018


2x WKD Blues (big bottles), bag of Quavers, crate of Fosters, Freddo, Toblerone, cup of beans, pint of Director’s…#ENGCRC pic.twitter.com/edH7QrLVdS

— Bargain Booze (@BargainBooze) June 7, 2018

That continuous noise you can hear during the England game is Bobby Moore spinning in his grave when he finds out Jordan Henderson is captain of the national team. #ENGCRC

— Coops_1867 (@philcooper15) June 7, 2018

2nd half highlights #ENGCRC pic.twitter.com/1NzVYqzO6J

— AFC GLEN (@AFC_GLEN) June 7, 2018


#ENGCRC ha ha Navas waving for offside. You're not in Madrid now mate.

— Headspin (@RomanNumerals) June 7, 2018

#ENGCRC This is embarrassing. We should be thrashing a Mickey Mouse team like this. I'm embarrassed to be Costa Rican.

— Mark Summers (@markysumm) June 7, 2018