The best Aston Villa tax jokes as club faces cash crisis

Unpaid HMRC bill.

Fans might protest after enjoying the Aston Villa tax jokes following their unpaid HMRC payment and talk of administration
Aston Villa fans outside HMRC offices (Image: Fibonacci Blue)

Aston Villa are reportedly in severe peril of financial doom.

Since losing the Championship play-off final, the club have suspended their chief executive and are said to be working with HMRC to resolve an unpaid tax bill amid speculation that owner Dr Tony Xia needs to sell.

With talk of administration and more, these were the best of the Aston Villa tax jokes and tweets:

It will be nice for Dion Dublin to return back to Villa Park for a look around just before his former home goes under the hammer at auction…

— The Tears of a Clown (@Modmuffin) June 5, 2018


Dont worry, 10,000 Villa in the HMRC end pic.twitter.com/V8hIMvlpYL

— HILLINGDONFFC (@JustinCorbin4) June 5, 2018

These fellas turning up at 6am tomorrow at Villa Park and walking out with Jack Grealish under their arm. pic.twitter.com/364FG4DtOu

— ⒻⒻⒸ ⓋⓄⒾⒸⒺ (@FFCVoice) June 5, 2018

Right, no more Villa baiting, its very taxing.

— WolvesFirst (@WolvesFirst) June 5, 2018

Aston Villa Football Club statment : Could anyone with a pair of football boots and any kind of football experience please turn up for training on July 1st. Please bring your own drinks and £5 subs.

— VILLA MAD. (@VillaMad3) June 5, 2018

Aston Villa can't pay their tax bill???

Must be a wind up

— Mick Massey (@topklobber) June 5, 2018

If we do liquidate, I'm thinking that this Villa Views account will only be used to advertise spanish holiday properties. Let's hope it doesn't get to that as I know nothing about real estate.

— Villa Views (@VillaViews_) June 5, 2018

In pub with Villa fan…..I tell him they are selling Grealish to Albion for £15million….he says "You are winding me up."
I say "No it's HMRC that are winding you up. I'm just taking the piss."

— Living The Dream⛳⛳ (@barcamark) June 5, 2018

Scenes at Buckingham Palace when Prince William's favourite football team Aston Villa is wound up by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs…

— The Tears of a Clown (@Modmuffin) June 5, 2018

Listen, do i think its funny to see Aston Villa in such a sorry financial state? Yes.

But do I think the long suffering supporters, the lifeblood of the club who pay their hard earned money week in, week out deserve to see this happen to their beloved team? Also yes.

— jules (@jdr989) June 5, 2018

How much will Jack Grealish cost after he is seized by the debt collectors to cover Aston Villa’s tax bill? #avfc

— Jason (@JasonJ1987) June 5, 2018

Aston Villa this morning pic.twitter.com/BntlRUfS8L

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) June 6, 2018


Have #Villa paid us in full for McCormack yet? We need to get the 'Can't Pay' lads down there to seize goods to the value of….

— Browski (@Browski_uk) June 6, 2018

Me: Aston Villa are fucked after signing a huge amount of expensive players on big contracts, I'm glad Leeds aren't being run like that
Also me: We should sign all their players mot

— The Barclays Are Back (@EamoV1) June 6, 2018

Looking on the bright side, if Villa go out of business we can never lose another game again. #UTV #AVFC pic.twitter.com/ekptF1Mapb

— villenium (@Craiger1874) June 6, 2018

Aston Villa, the first 15 years are the worst #lufc #avfc

— Patrick Hanlon (@PJH84) June 6, 2018

Great day at work 'winding up' the villa fans

— Blue Tone (@BlueTone65) June 6, 2018


New shirt sponsors? #avfc pic.twitter.com/J6gjQFb95T

— Villa Views (@VillaViews_) June 6, 2018


Villa are reportedly willing to listen to offers for 'virtually every player'

Can imagine some form of package deal being offered to random football club owners.

''Right, I'll do you a Grealish and Chester for £30m, and I'll throw in Micah Richards for nothing. Shake my hand.'' pic.twitter.com/G0Glu1HNky

— Coral (@Coral) June 6, 2018

While people laugh. What’s happening to Aston Villa could easily have happened to Newcastle United without one solitary rich benefactor ploughing in stupid money. So thank you once again, Daniel Levy. pic.twitter.com/dB03qg2mob

— NUFCThreatLevel (@NUFCThreatLevel) June 6, 2018

With age comes a calmness based on the fact that it isn't worth worrying over stuff you have no control over. I'm angry over the position Villa finds itself in & I want those responsible executed, but we will come through this – just have to be patient be supportive. #AVFC

— Godz Villa (@Godzvilla) June 6, 2018

Thought they were going into administration? https://t.co/6ruehVzAFW

— RB. (@randallbell) June 5, 2018