The best jokes from Colombia 1-2 Japan after first red card of the tournament

Second fastest ever dismissal at a World Cup.

 There were many tweets and jokes from Colombia 1-2 Japan after first red card of the tournament
SHOWN: Red card (Image: Ian Burt)

Colombia’s Carlos Sánchez became the first player to receive a red card at Russia 2018, sent off after 2 minutes and 56 seconds of their opening Group H clash with Japan for handball.

It’s the second fastest ever dismissal at a finals, but there could be no other option after the midfielder handled Shinji Kagawa’s goal-bound effort.

The South American side managed to equalise following the converted penalty, but Japan scored again midway through the second half to become the first Asian side to beat South American opposition at a World Cup.

These were the best tweets and jokes from Colombia 1-2 Japan on Tuesday:

Colombia’s starting line up. #COLJPN pic.twitter.com/NdcFRhhgRp

— Catherine (@catherinetyley) June 19, 2018

Juan Cuadrado

Speed – 100 %
Shot – 75 %
Sense – 0% #COLJPN #WorldCup2018

— Fizzy ™ (@nicky_fizzy) June 19, 2018

*record scratch*
*freeze frame*

Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. #WorldCup #COL #JPN #COLJPN pic.twitter.com/MNymwH9MoL

— Football Tweet (@Football__Tweet) June 19, 2018



When the cameras zoom in on the crowd #COLJPN pic.twitter.com/aW7F2uNRbR

— Victoria Dyson (@Dyson4Tea) June 19, 2018


This is how you stop that kind of free kick, and I’m surprised it isn’t more common. #WorldCup #COLJPN pic.twitter.com/TL7GllqLWe

— NUFCThreatLevel (@NUFCThreatLevel) June 19, 2018


Honda coming on for Japan.

Heard he's got a great engine. #COLJPN pic.twitter.com/UJOx5ZEEOo

— Coral (@Coral) June 19, 2018


Waiting for Falcao to show up….#COL #COLJPN #JPN #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/yiqsujCntQ

— Andy Mahon (@AndyMahon93) June 19, 2018


Carlos Valderamma and his wife clearly use the same hairdresser #COLJPN pic.twitter.com/P6RFb7L38B

— FPL Partridge (@FPL_Partridge) June 19, 2018

These Colombian players better have their head on a swivel when they get home. #COLJPN

— B. Miller (@BlaiseInKC) June 19, 2018

i think we've all learnt something from this #WorldCup so far.
Sexy kit does not = Success #COLJPN

— Football Daily (@footballdaily) June 19, 2018



Celebrations in Japan underway #COLJPN #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/fgiGd1bR5x

— The Football Sack (@TheFootballSack) June 19, 2018

If one person could sum up how happy Japan are right now it’d be this guy #COLJPN #WorldCup #Japan pic.twitter.com/wsZAoXGuYw

— Kieran Wilson (@kieraanwilson) June 19, 2018



If Escobar was still a live, all drug addicts in Japan would be starving by now #COLJPN pic.twitter.com/roE2bB0aMB

— sotrixbax (@sotrixbax) June 19, 2018



So in this #COLJPN match:
1. The bad guy team cheated
2. Japan waited until the last moment to bring on their star striker…
3. who immediately scored to put them ahead.

I guess it makes sense that Japan's game would follow the script of a sports anime…

— Tom Rivlin (@TomRivlin) June 19, 2018