The best jokes from Chelsea 4-0 Manchester United

Mourinho's unhappy return to Stamford Bridge.

José Mourinho won't want to look at the jokes from Chelsea 4-0 Manchester United
(Image: Aleksandr Osipov)

Here’s the big list of all the best jokes from Chelsea 4-0 Manchester United, José Mourinho’s unhappy return to Stamford Bridge.

United were defeated by the large margin on Sunday as Antonio Conte’s side capitalised on a series of defensive mistakes by the away team.

With the English press billing it as a ‘humiliation’ of their former manager, these were the best jokes from Chelsea 4-0 Manchester United:

Perfect timing #CHEMUN @ChelsTransfer pic.twitter.com/xj6J1WjPt6

— Rags Martel (@RagsMartel) October 23, 2016

United fans didn't even have time to tweet "C'mon United"

— LORD JM (@julianmakasi) October 23, 2016

United fans right now pic.twitter.com/CM3cfOkztF

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) October 23, 2016

When You try To park the Bus but Pedro scores before you Can Put the key in ignition.#CHEMUN

— Hunaid Ali (@Hunaid_Ali) October 23, 2016

Man United's bus right now pic.twitter.com/17bHSnKHCh

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) October 23, 2016

The best way to hide £89M is to put it in Manchester United’s midfield.

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) October 23, 2016

Mourinho looks like a hurt ex

— SIAH (@S14Hx) October 23, 2016

I went shopping. Manchester United guess what I got for you pic.twitter.com/0FobBWYG4Z

— Ibe (@I_pissVodka) October 23, 2016

Jose Mourinho right now pic.twitter.com/wGuOmnOnU4

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) October 23, 2016

Manchester United fans right now pic.twitter.com/UCY9cVPRu6

— Luffy (@Jezcy) October 23, 2016

Mourinho when he sees Chelsea winning 2:0, but remembers he's United's manager Lmao pic.twitter.com/vJTf9xaMCI #CHEMUN

— Made (@MadeManJama) October 23, 2016


Man U players trying to clear the ball like…. pic.twitter.com/ynpw6HhlBJ

— OsitoWizdom™ (@OsitoCharles) October 23, 2016

Matic so rich he has 100m in his pocket #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/TnGED5GlgW

— Tâyô Taata (@TAYOiAmHe) October 23, 2016

When you realize you won’t be playing Fenerbache every week. #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/hXJip3Ezei

— Monkey.D.Klopp (@ElPicaro112) October 23, 2016

Can anybody help?#CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/sucnekKret

— Betsafe (@Betsafe) October 23, 2016

When girls see someone with the same hairstyle as them #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/vRxWlPzuH1

— Made (@MadeManJama) October 23, 2016

Halftime update #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/4S9CADOMrS

— SOCCER.COM (@soccerdotcom) October 23, 2016

Mourinho getting his job application letters ready for league one clubs. pic.twitter.com/S2JfE6oEAr

— Olivier Giroud (@GoalivierGiroud) October 23, 2016

N'Golo Kante has committed the biggest heist in human history in 45 mins. He pocketed £89m. #CHEMUN

— Gau (@ConteBeBothered) October 23, 2016

Pogba spelt backwards is Abgop which makes no sense, just like the £90m spent on him by Man Utd. #CHEMUN

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) October 23, 2016

United I did not kill my father. You can't kill me

— BollyLomo (@ItsBollyLomo) October 23, 2016

Jose is going to need a bigger bus #CHEMUN

— Kay Burley (@KayBurley) October 23, 2016

Hazard runs to Mourinho and mouths. 'I could have done that last year, but I didn't, because I hate you'. Great scenes.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 23, 2016

Seeing United lose >>>>>>>> my girls happiness

— ㅤ (@Loso_LFC) October 23, 2016

Paul Pogba. The most expensive fraud since Enron. #CHEMUN

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 23, 2016

Man Utd fans on social media. #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/qy8iLAqAXq

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 23, 2016

At least someone could give Arsène a birthday present, Mourinho tears. The best gift of all.

— TF⁹ (@TheFalseNein) October 23, 2016

United fans… pic.twitter.com/TwrC9YsSQV

— Premier League Bible (@PremBible) October 23, 2016

The Chelsea fans are singing “Jose Mourinho” #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/e46pGwdiuy

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) October 23, 2016

Mourinho trying to find the receipt for Paul Pogba. pic.twitter.com/2XQGfJ1HbQ

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) October 23, 2016

Don't worry. You'll always have Fenerbache.#CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/dhl8Y81Nab

— KM (@CechsMagicHat) October 23, 2016

Wonder who Mourinho is going to blame for this shambles? 2/1 Atkinson 7/2 Fixture planners 8/1 Carneiro 16/1 Wenger

— James Pearce (@JamesPearceEcho) October 23, 2016

Mourinho’s career ever since he called Arsene a “specialist in failure”… pic.twitter.com/sQbhKvLgiP

— Mario (@Limpar33) October 23, 2016

Well at least ManU sold loads of shirts 👍 #CHEMUN

— Ravi Bopara (@ravibopara) October 23, 2016

Jose still knows how to get the best out of @ChelseaFC #CHEMUN

— Eidur Gudjohnsen (@Eidur22Official) October 23, 2016

"And for my next trick…I'll make United worse than Van Gaal and Moyes did…"#CHEMAN @MenInBlazers pic.twitter.com/UEoTD5HxKK

— Crawdaddy (@swagginThesuave) October 23, 2016

You vs the guy she told you not to worry about #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/YR17EnivS8

— Bagas (@MoBagas) October 23, 2016

Eva Carniero is giving herself one with the sky remote. #CHEMUN

— Thundercock (@fatherwoIand) October 23, 2016

If (mourinho) can't repair a tyre(Yokohama) how can he repair a car(Chevrolet)?

— AbElOnOnI @ tunez (@RipEducation_) October 23, 2016

Is the game over? #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/7ZYV3j4Q1l

— Duncan Kokonya (@DuncanKokonya) October 23, 2016

Summarising #CHEMUN match pic.twitter.com/qs3ZGRphOo

— Srini (@srivats932) October 23, 2016

United should file a lawsuit against Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio for deceptive advertising.

— RG⁶ (@registability) October 23, 2016

"Please tell Eden I was wrong and I want him back, it was never him, it was always me and I'm not complete now we've parted" #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/GZrNkZwZjP

— Harry Donnelly (@HarryDonnelly6) October 23, 2016

Mourinho told him to come round the corner

— Pluggin (@AbdiTV) October 23, 2016

@SkyFootball @SkySports United lost because they didn't bring on Alex Hunter in the 75th min

— ㅤ (@Dylzus) October 23, 2016

ManU fans going to school/work tomorrow #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/Tx1ENtkdGX

— EverOnwardToVictory (@Thendo_I) October 23, 2016

Mourinho can't even blame Chelsea's freshness and lack of midweek European games cos that's his fault as well.

— F. (@Fattcheeked) October 23, 2016

Rumour has it, United are lining up a £50m bid for this guy! pic.twitter.com/tJBy3693x2

— B Y R O N (@SimplySane19) October 23, 2016

BREAKING: Antonio Conte to Jose Mourinho pic.twitter.com/HB1Qq5KlD4

— SPORF (@Sporf) October 23, 2016

How did we both manage to loose 4-0 against our former teams in the same week #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/xuyNaqRwvf

— Aamir Khan (@aamirrkhann10) October 23, 2016

Mourinho will make a good Sunderland manager.

— John Brewin (@JohnBrewinESPN) October 23, 2016

We heard you're a united fan, so we put an L on the back of your BMW pic.twitter.com/ZSwJZSjc9F

— AP (@OneWithNoEqual) October 23, 2016

#CHEMUN Ibrahimovic used to score goals against teams like Nancy in France and thought he would find teams like Jane & Joan in the EPL

— holy crap (@omwoyoerick1) October 23, 2016

LOOOOOL IM DEAD !!! #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/9bSDcTa4Lq

— Kingz Sports News (@kingzsport) October 23, 2016

What Mourinho actually said in Conte's ears. pic.twitter.com/bfDTx6g4e9

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) October 23, 2016

That's enough internet for today… #CHEMUN pic.twitter.com/VN1djiqIXW

— BigSport (@BigSportGB) October 23, 2016