The best jokes from Australia 0-2 Peru as Tim Cahill finally makes an appearance in Russia

Both teams now set to head home.

Tim Cahill finally played so had to stop reading the jokes from Australia 0-2 Peru
CODGER: Cahill (Image: Granada)

Peru celebrated their 2-0 win over Australia at the Fisht Olympic Stadium with no little enthusiasm, even though it wasn’t enough to take them into the Round of 16.

For the Socceroos, veteran Tim Cahill finally saw some game time as a substitute in Sochi but was unable to score at a fourth World Cup finals.

André Carrillo’s stunning volley gave Peru the lead on 18 minutes, with Paolo Guerrero doubling their advantage in the second half.

Both sides will now head home after France and Denmark secured the top two positions in Group C.

These were the best jokes from Australia 0-2 Peru at Russia 2018:

When you’re playing a country against whom you have no real historical grudge #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/BMtyqgJ47d

— Tom Richardson (@TomRichardson) June 26, 2018

Peru playing too wide at the moment. You could say they're using too Macchu Picchu. #AUSPER

— Adam Liaw (@adamliaw) June 26, 2018


All of Australia after seeing that goal.. #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/cStnDKprwY

— QuarterMill Records (@QuarterMillRec) June 26, 2018

My mate spilt this much beer on me when Peru scored #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/So9SDn15Sf

— Rudi (@RudiEdsall) June 26, 2018

And so Australia's brief lover affair with VAR comes to a grinding halt after one week. It's fucking shit again. #AUSPER

— The Football Sack (@TheFootballSack) June 26, 2018

A clue that it was offside is that the Peru attacker in an offside position… #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/6pxHZZ87Gr

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) June 26, 2018

Passing to Juric should be a yellow card offense for time wasting #AUSPER

— A-League Memes (@TheRealALM) June 26, 2018

Australian fans’ steadfast refusal to join Mexican waves is our excellent contribution to the fan culture of this #worldcup – a fine new development. #AUSPER

— Ben (@scouse_roar) June 26, 2018

See you in 4 years you giant sack of yellow spuds #AUSPER

— . (@bergs____) June 26, 2018

Good call Youngblood #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/1mQxpz13i3

— Tom Carpenter (@Carpo34) June 26, 2018

Only 3 VAR penalties away from hope now #AUSPER

— Matt (@Mattys123) June 26, 2018

I will buy 6 Samsung OLEDs or whatever the fuck Tim Cahill has been advertising if he gets us out of this one. #AUSPER #worldcup

— Marko (@AusLoafer) June 26, 2018

This is a 2018-2022 #socceroos fan starter kit. #AUSPER #worldcup pic.twitter.com/O7n7bvXAEv

— Ben (@scouse_roar) June 26, 2018

I didn’t take a pre-match nap for a loss or a draw #AUSPER #WorldCup18

— Nick Roberts (@NikolausRoberts) June 26, 2018

Which pub team do the Australian players usually play for? #AUSPER

— Bob HIggs (@Scobber) June 26, 2018


So if my calculations are correct with need 3 Mile Jedinak pens #AUSPER

— Oz Football Gossip⚽ (@OzFootbalGossip) June 26, 2018

At least now Australian football & it's supporters can take the focus of Peru, Denmark and France, and go back to fighting the real enemy. Ourselves. #AUSPER.

— West Sydney Football (@WestSydney) June 26, 2018

The way things are going we genuinely might be better off if Tim Cahill went on for France, not Australia #AUSPER

— Vince Rugari (@VinceRugari) June 26, 2018

Better conversion rates on Channel 7's hit program First Dates #AUSPER

— Tim Michell (@tim_michell) June 26, 2018

Hurts a little less knowing that France are playing like a bunch of cowards against Denmark. Suppose that comes naturally to them. #AUSPER #DENFRA

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) June 26, 2018


If anyone Aussie supporter wants to see something in the net in the second half….here you go! #AUSPER @Socceroos @SBS pic.twitter.com/F3N8RrSIkD

— SJWillow (@MakeBirdiePutt) June 26, 2018

I get anxious and frustrated and then I remember ITALY AREN’T EVEN HERE OKAY HA HA ITALY WOULD LOVE TO BE US #ausper

— Van Badham (@vanbadham) June 26, 2018

CaHiLl WiLl SaVe ThE sOCcErOoS #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/ULDwAfx1xE

— Big Body Jems (@Big_Chapi) June 26, 2018

Well, it's safe to say Australia hasn't shown macchu on the football pichu tonight. And if you don't like my awful puns, Lima alone! #AUSPER

— Anthony Sharwood ❄️ (@antsharwood) June 26, 2018

Round of 16s are overrated anyways #AUSPER

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) June 26, 2018

Mood. #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/YP6t52EkIp

— Adam Liaw (@adamliaw) June 26, 2018

“Everyone back in Oz is about to go to bed…putting you on is the only way to keep them up” #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/h3rZYDwzZ9

— Dr Belinda D’Angelo (@pelagonianprncs) June 26, 2018

As it stands Australia will finish bottom of the group. Which will go down as the nation's worst sporting moment since Sunday. #AUSPER

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 26, 2018

The Peru lads call him Nelly apparently… #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/6yV6jUykzd

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) June 26, 2018

The bloke who got a drug ban – who we wrote a letter asking him to play – has got a goal and an assist and knocked us out of the World Cup. Peak Australian football. #ausper #worldcup

— Rory Flanagan (@Rory_Flanagan) June 26, 2018


When you realise you have to go back to supporting the Australian cricket team #AUSPER #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/9DLMi2jE5C

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) June 26, 2018


"Should we put it on Tim's head?"

"Probs, yeh."#AUSPER pic.twitter.com/sWznmcVgaZ

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) June 26, 2018


Now entering a fantasy world where Cahill scores a hat-trick for the next 40 minutes. #AUSPER

— Athas Zafiris (@ArtSapphire) June 26, 2018

If Tim Cahill can get us out of this hole, he should be made Prime Minister immediately. #AUSPER

— Vince Rugari (@VinceRugari) June 26, 2018

I really enjoyed our strategy of leaving our main goal scoring threat on the bench until we were 2-0 down in the 3rd game. Thanks, Bert. #AUSPER

— O'Malley (@Skualg) June 26, 2018

The Australian fans have really taken it too far against Peru. Disgraceful. #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/IV7W9XApxJ

— Nick Hilton (@nickfthilton) June 26, 2018

Peru’s refusal to handball in the box is borderline unsportsmanlike #AUSPER #WorldCup

— Ben Damon (@ben_damon) June 26, 2018

A sad day for Australians. It's like when Karl Kennedy cheated on Susan all over again. #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/1KCYCoFwBc

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 26, 2018