The best jokes about Wayne Rooney’s bloody eye injury after challenge against Bournemouth

Was upset that the referee allowed play to continue at Goodison Park.

There were tweets and jokes after Wayne Rooney got a bloody eye injury after a challenge from Bournemouth's Simon Francis
Rooney after the injury (Image: Duncan Hull [modified])

These were the best jokes after Wayne Rooney suffered a gruesome eye injury following a challenge from Bournemouth’s Simon Francis as Everton hosted the southerners at Goodison Park on Saturday.

Rooney was left sprawled on the grass with blood surrounding his eye and very upset that referee Martin Atkinson did not punish the visiting defender, choosing instead to allow play to continue.

It capped off a bad week for the former Manchester United man who required lengthy medical treatment.

Wayne Rooney down to 54% health on Doom pic.twitter.com/sgEOUBXLEe

— Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches) September 23, 2017

Might have moved to Everton but he still bleeds Red 🔴 💪🏻 pic.twitter.com/jdMB6IslhV

— J.A.O (@JuanAnderOnly) September 23, 2017

The amount of people quoting this tweet "We all bleed red" 😂😂🎣🎣

— J.A.O (@JuanAnderOnly) September 23, 2017

Well he’s not gonna bleed Chelsea 2013/14 season fluroscent away kit is he mate https://t.co/1BJP0sWwme

— Jared (@JaredB123_) September 23, 2017

RT for Wayne Rooney. LIKE for Ziggy Stardust. pic.twitter.com/biy2AlvRXM

— SportsJOE (@SportsJOE_UK) September 23, 2017

That's the second time in a few weeks that Rooney's had a nasty gash on his face pic.twitter.com/Jnz76pARax

— Dean Mears (@DeanMears) September 23, 2017

Rooney lost his drivers license,wld be docked 2weeks wage & almost lost an eye and all these happened in space of 5 days

Pray For Rooney🙏🏽

— OnlyGodCanJudgeMe (@fabolous3d) September 23, 2017

Who wore it better?

🔁 – Thor
❤️ – Rooney pic.twitter.com/G4M66MQKn9

— BenchWarmers ⚽️ (@BeWarmers) September 23, 2017

@MenInBlazers Fully expect Rooney to be back next week with an eye patch and cowboy hat pic.twitter.com/jGfpBspVyt

— Laeka Brenninkmeyer (@thegreatlaekes) September 23, 2017

Wayne Rooney's amazing customized anime-inspired eye injury. pic.twitter.com/ViCGg38ido

— Soccer Memes (@SoccerMemes) September 23, 2017

5Live talking about Rooney's eye as if he's received the Stigmata

— Alex (@Drileuze) September 23, 2017

Bruv they want to remove Rooney's eye

— ㅤMax. (@thrillxMax) September 23, 2017