The best jokes as Scotland fail to qualify for World Cup 2018

Drew 2-2 in Slovenia when they needed a win.

Gordon Strachan will not be amused by jokes as Scotland fail to qualify for World Cup 2018 following a 2-2 draw in Slovenia
NOT PLEASED: Strachan (Image: Якушкин Иван/soccer.ru)

When they needed a win to move into the play-offs for World Cup 2018, Scotland could only draw 2-2 in Slovenia in their final qualifying game.

Gordon Strachan’s side’s hopes of reaching the tournament in Russia next summer were cruelly taken away as their opponents rose above them in Group F on goal difference.

The country will now not have participated at a World Cup finals in over twenty years and the wait goes on.

This is a selection of the best jokes as Scotland fail to qualify for Russia 2018 after a 2-2 draw in Slovenia:

Scotland team v Slovenia

— dannyb1872 EBT (@dannyb1872) October 8, 2017

If you were born in Scotland, brought up in Scotland and follow a Scottish football team, yet support England, you are a cunt!

— Johnny_Scotland © (@Johnny_Scotland) October 8, 2017

Don’t know what’s more of a challenge – Scotland winning this game or fans finding a stable illegal stream to watch it on. #SVNSCO

— Angry Scotland (@AngryScotland) October 8, 2017

In an independent Scotland, all our games will be available on free TV. #SVNSCO

— Angry Scotland (@AngryScotland) October 8, 2017

The normal procedure of glorious failure dictates that we should get an equaliser in the 88th minute or so. #SVNSCO

— Scott Reid (@scottreid1980) October 8, 2017

I'm feeling a great disturbance in the force. Like a million Scottish sounding voices shouting out "FFS" over and over again #SVNSCO

— A 087-023-719 (@scribacious) October 8, 2017

This is how it feels to be Scotland pic.twitter.com/xHx0kvWOcg

— marc (@marc_celtic) October 8, 2017

“It’s the hope that kills you” – Scotland, every other October. #SVNSCO pic.twitter.com/xdSTAKJOWx

— Jamie (@jamiefrombrum) October 8, 2017

A game that sums up 'The Cycle of Scottishness' –

1) Optimism.

2) Belief.

3) Doubt.

4) Devastation.

5) Hope.

6) Desolation.#SVNSCO

— Scottish Comedy FC (@ScotComFC) October 8, 2017


Scotland crashing out of the World Cup qualifiers like pic.twitter.com/YECNXWomiE

— Barn (@BarnBcfc) October 8, 2017


— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) October 8, 2017

That Scotland result means that Northern Ireland are now into the play-offs. pic.twitter.com/qJWL7uDFOS

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 8, 2017

Will Sturgeon ask for a rematch ?

— Peter Nobbs (@PJNobbs) October 8, 2017

Scotland fans quickly rush to book their flights & hotels for next summer

Greece is lovely at that time of year pic.twitter.com/c0YPIeRPat

— ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) October 8, 2017

The dream of Russia 2018 is no more. Qatar 2022 an alcohol free World Cup in a desert. It’s an absolute stick on we will be there. #Scotland

— Uncle Wattie (@SirWalterSmith) October 8, 2017

What do you call 23 men watching the World Cup 2018?

The Scotland National Team. pic.twitter.com/2HTPcMjjTH

— EPL Bible (@EPLBible) October 8, 2017

Gordon Strachan: "I love football. I want to win. But the Conventions in the European Convention on Human Rights must be enforced." pic.twitter.com/EjlqxK5BGW

— Michael Gray (@GrayInGlasgow) October 8, 2017

Scotland will not be going to Russia. pic.twitter.com/fmE8ClYUvJ

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 8, 2017

Scotland fans waiting to see who England draw in the World Cup next year so they can go out and buy those teams' home, away & alternate kits pic.twitter.com/YZdO7X2MQm

— Coral (@Coral) October 8, 2017


FOR SALE. 5,000 "Let's Get Ready To Rouble" t-shirts. #Scotland

— Bob Servant (@bobservant) October 8, 2017

How the whole of Scotland feels right now.. pic.twitter.com/glg12TsLzd

— talkingbaws (@talkingbaws) October 8, 2017

In all seriousness, I don’t Strachan think now’s Gordon Strachan the time to Gordon David Strachan point fingers

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) October 8, 2017

Genetically, Gordon Strachan is an arsehole.

— Meestah Sahmon (@meestah_sahmon) October 8, 2017