The best jokes as referee Bobby Madley quits “due to a change in his personal circumstances”

Abruptly failed to return for the new Premier League season.

There were all sorts of jokes as EPL referee Bobby Madley quit "due to a change in his personal circumstances"
QUIT: Official

Rumours are abound after Premier League referee Bobby Madley abruptly retired from the game and failed to return for the new season.

In a statement, the Professional Game Match Officials said of the 32-year-old:

Bobby Madley is no longer employed by PGMOL.

We understand that he has decided to relocate due to a change in his personal circumstances.

There has since been much speculation on social media after constant referrals in the press to a mysterious “social media video” that may be at the heart of this issue but has yet to be confirmed.

And there are already Bobby Madley quit jokes on Twitter:


Bobby Madley’s heat map from his final game in charge. pic.twitter.com/7tpu22bZQi

— Chris Doughty (@ChrisDoughty32) August 16, 2018

Wise decision to pull Bobby Madley from the Rovers game this weekend.

— MattISpurs (@ParkLaneBlock40) August 16, 2018








Bobby Madley has retired as a referee after a video emerged of him giving a correct refereeing decision. He was disgusted https://t.co/xmI3GxnTLh

— Football Index Dragon (@FootballDRGN) August 16, 2018

Bobby Madley has quit as a referee after finding it too difficult to align his match schedule with linesmen Bobby Truly and Bobby Deeply.

— Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) August 16, 2018


Probably trying to escape Bobby Madley. https://t.co/wS7fi1kvT5

— Scott (@Shiteke) August 16, 2018

Anyone else just done a ‘Bobby Madley video’ search on twitter?

— Kevin (@KevOrf_5) August 16, 2018


Bobby Madley is 32? Fuck off. Where was his paper round, Chernobyl?!

— McGuinness (@ScumOnTheRun) August 16, 2018


When Bobby Madley goes to check VAR. pic.twitter.com/CEXY4rQjqS

— Reece Cronshaw (@Reece_Cronshaw) August 16, 2018

Seen Bobby Madley’s new bird? pic.twitter.com/dNs5WBlgIV

— Steven Jenkinson (@_sjenkinson_) August 16, 2018

Tomorrow, when it’s revealed that Bobby Madley has quit because his wife / kid is seriously ill. pic.twitter.com/2Qz7K46lwf

— Gilles (@GillesOffTheWeb) August 16, 2018

Should have seen the signs… #bobbymadley pic.twitter.com/rP4KMbhuzH

— Michael D (@Galaxatron) August 16, 2018