The best jokes as Man Utd turn it around at Juventus and Mourinho celebrates on the pitch

Cupped his ear to the home fans after two late goals.

There were jokes as José Mourinho celebrated Man Utd's 2-1 win on the pitch at Juventus after Cristiano Ronaldo's goal celebration
(Image: Chris Deahr)

José Mourinho went onto the pitch and cupped his ear to the home fans after Manchester United came up with two late goals to win 2-1 against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium in Turin on Wednesday night.

Star summer signing Cristiano Ronaldo enthusiastically celebrated his second-half strike by baring his stomach when he put the hosts in front in the Champions League Group H match.

But a chaotic Alex Sandro own goal in the 89th minute turned the game around following Juan Mata’s free-kick just a few moments earlier.

Seemingly back to his old self, the United manager told BT Sport “I didn’t insult them, I just made a little thing” at full time.

These were the best jokes as Man Utd beat Juventus 2-1 in Turin and Mourinho celebrates on the pitch:

Everyone's a gangster
Until the real gangster walks in 😎🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/2ztBFBsrgo

— samaksh (@samaksh97) November 7, 2018

Ronaldo's goal will count for abs-olutely nothing.

— 𝕾𝖙𝖊𝖛𝖊 Barça (@Stevecaresx) November 7, 2018

Mourinho's version of lifting up his shirt and flexing his abs #Mourinho #Ronaldo pic.twitter.com/QMJQEbYyjL

— Mohammed AlShaikh (@baqeer66) November 7, 2018

Masterstroke by Jose Mourinho to sell Juan Mata to Manchester United, really.

— Greg Johnson (@gregianjohnson) November 7, 2018

Mourinho looks like my grandad when I ask him anything pic.twitter.com/yiGSLGj6fF

— Hombre Verde (@HombreVerde7) November 7, 2018

Jose Mourinho at full time pic.twitter.com/FUn0MAA8e0

— Ravishing Rick Rude (@BLACK_GATSBY) November 7, 2018


Juventus (favourite to win Champions League) 1-2 Manchester United. Rating

De Gea 10/10
Young 10/10
Lindelof 10/10
Smalling 10/10
Shaw 10/10
Herrera 10/10
Matic 10/10
Pogba 10/10
Lingard 10/10
Martial 10/10
Sanchez 10/10
Mata 10/10
Fellaini 10/10

Jose Mourinho 11/10

— Paul Pogba (@PaulPogbaSix) November 7, 2018

I can hear Matt Busby crying.#Mourinho #JUVMNU pic.twitter.com/DJZ9b230zn

— Dave Ellis (@fullback03) November 7, 2018

Celebration went wrong #Ronaldo pic.twitter.com/dKmyPAvp4F

— Pita_edward1 (@pita_edward1) November 7, 2018

That Ronaldo wonder-goal already a contender to be runner-up for next year’s Puskas Award behind Salah’s tap-in versus Huddersfield #JUVMNU

— Carlo Garganese (@carlogarganese) November 7, 2018

Just me seeing Steve Bruce on Ronaldo’s abs? pic.twitter.com/TNO2zl5n2G

— Liam🇸🇱 (@HallyLiam) November 7, 2018

“Ronaldo is our Legend”
“Ronaldo loves Man Utd”
“Ronaldo will never celebrate against us”

Ronaldo: #JUVMUN pic.twitter.com/1aoXr4aIyg

— 🤴🏾Ibadan Lord 🇳🇬 (@degosTee) November 7, 2018


Them: Why can't Mourinho show a bit of class for once in his life??

Me: Yerwotmate? Speak up. pic.twitter.com/4elNYFEFem

— Scott Patterson (@R_o_M) November 7, 2018

Who said Manchester United is going to Europa league #JUVMUN pic.twitter.com/7oS2HhTGUI

— Eye👀_Am_Lawrence (@Eye_AmLawrence) November 7, 2018

Is Marouane Fellaini the best Belgian in the Premier League? Yes.

— Liam Canning (@LiamPaulCanning) November 7, 2018

Rolling up to your teacher that predicted you to fail on results day pic.twitter.com/HWTfxSH8se

— ⁵ (@Jorgified) November 7, 2018

Mick McCarthy when Souness criticized Mourinho cupping his ear.

'Ya stuck a flag in the middle of the pitch in Turkey Graeme'

😂😂😂😂 fair point

— Paul O'Malley (@SaintPaulo) November 7, 2018

I will raise my son NEVER to take nonsense from anyone. Never to accept bullying from anyone. To look his aggressors in the eye firmly without blinking, never to be afraid of the judgment of pretentious hypocrites posturing as moral paragons.I will raise him to be like Mourinho.

— Babanla (@biolakazeem) November 7, 2018

AMAZING SCENES as Jose Mourinho runs on and reveals his Abs pic.twitter.com/ekPc5OunMb

— Mike (@mikec60) November 7, 2018

Lukaku after watching Man Utd win back to back games without him pic.twitter.com/GbQI4TAEXj

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) November 7, 2018


— James Dart (@James_Dart) November 7, 2018

Comunque era un omaggio alla squadra che lo ha reso celebre.#Muorinho #Ronaldo #JuveMUFC pic.twitter.com/v5mX5YOO7K

— Carmine Stile (@Ca_stile) November 7, 2018

Flex now @Cristiano

— Devils of United (@DevilsOfUnited) November 7, 2018


Ronaldo during the match
Ronaldo after the match pic.twitter.com/rFaSKeheKy

— DADDY THE BOY (@DaddyTheBoy) November 7, 2018

Closer look at #Ronaldo's celebration before #JUVMUN pic.twitter.com/8xJDgh1CXA

— MikeC (@ALinkToThePasty) November 7, 2018