The best jokes as Manchester United lose 2-1 at Huddersfield

Defeated by the newly-promoted side for the first time in 65 years.

The John Smith's Stadium - where Huddersfield beat Manchester United 2-1 and caused all these jokes, tweets and facts
NO PARKING: Huddersfield Town (Image: Stephen Armstrong)

Huddersfield defeated Manchester United for the first time in 65 years with a stunning 2-1 victory at the John Smith’s Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

The newly-promoted side sealed a famous win over José Mourinho’s charges who had only conceded twice in the Premier League prior to kick-off and were unable to overcome a two goal first-half deficit.

This is a selection of the best tweets, facts and jokes as Manchester United lose 2-1 at Huddersfield Town:

United fans are presently wondering if they are watching the right station 😂😂😂

— King Simba 👑🦁 (@Don_TEE) October 21, 2017

United signed Pewdiepie to play CB ffs.

— RG⁶ (@registability) October 21, 2017

Mourinho should bring on Lukaku or United will lose this game

— Elvis Tunde ⚓ (@Tunnyking) October 21, 2017

"This Manchester United team can be the next Invincibles."

Lose 2-1 against Huddersfield.

— ArsenalsRelated 🔴 (@ArsenalsRelated) October 21, 2017

Last time Huddersfield Town beat Manchester United Winston Churchill was Prime Minister – 1952

— Kaveh Solhekol (@SkyKaveh) October 21, 2017

Fact: The last time Huddersfield beat Man Utd was on March 22nd 1952, United went on to win the title & Huddersfield were relegated.

— Man Utd Stuff (@ManUtdStuff) October 21, 2017

I'm single & searching for a girl that supports Manchester United so i can fuck her as hard as October is fucking her team

RT please

— Soldier↪ (@PatohShanqueels) October 21, 2017

Is this what Moyes died for

— SG (@KingOfKorriban) October 21, 2017

Only 2 teams have beaten Man United this season.

Real Madrid.

And Huddersfield……

— Jake Humphrey (@mrjakehumphrey) October 21, 2017

City bought Melbourne City so they could buy Mooy, then loaned him to Huddersfield, further sold him so he could fuck over United today

— KD (@ManCityKD) October 21, 2017

enough is enough, wenger out

— Arthur 🅥 (@Exticity) October 21, 2017


Yet your MCM underrated Huddersfield 😂😂😂😂😂

— MOJSS OF LAGOS 💫 (@Mojss_AA) October 21, 2017

Watching Manchester United fans complaining about Huddersfield parking the bus…#HUDMUN pic.twitter.com/wl3uCAAhcK

— BenchWarmers ⚽️ (@BeWarmers) October 21, 2017

"Mourinho has a plan, he is going to beat all the small teams and draw the big teams away…."

First of all, Huddersfield.

— Tunde Black-Scholes (@Mclaniyi) October 21, 2017

Huddersfield really not taking chances with these small teams.

— BlacB (@BlacB) October 21, 2017

BREAKING: Mourinho can't do it on a wet Saturday in Huddersfield.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 21, 2017


Man utd: We're unbeaten this season.

Huddersfield: pic.twitter.com/lrPjGNZTky

— Reagan 🇺🇬 (@reaganyijo) October 21, 2017

65 years since Huddersfield's last win against Man Utd. Mourinho wasn't born then, he was born to help them break the record.

— Somto. (@Its_hush_) October 21, 2017

So Brexit'll destroy us, our leaders are idiots & we’re going to die in a nuclear war but Huddersfield beat Man U so swings and roundabouts.

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) October 21, 2017

Last time when Huddersfield Town won against Manchester United my mother was 8 months old. Just saying. #HUDMUN

— .-. — …. .. – (@Shimographer) October 21, 2017