The best jokes as West Ham lose 0-3 at home to Brighton in Friday night clash

Disappointment under the lights at the London Stadium.

Slaven Bilić looking at something, but probably not the jokes after West Ham 0-3 Brighton
UNDER PRESSURE: Bilić (Image: Рыбакова Елена/soccer.ru)

West Ham severely disappointed in the only Premier League fixture of the night, losing 0-3 to Brighton under the lights at the London Stadium on Friday.

The home side were soundly beaten in a result that puts manager Slaven Bilić’s position at the club under increasing pressure.

Already two goals down at the break, many fans chose to leave shortly after a 75th minute penalty made it three…

But others stayed in order to boo after the final whistle.

These were the best of the jokes as West Ham lost 0-3 at home to Brighton on Friday night:

West Ham ruin my weekend one day earlier than usual. Pricks.

— Ryan (@Ryno_78) October 20, 2017


If anyone finds the "West Ham way" could they please return it to the London Stadium whenever they get a spare minute.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 20, 2017


West Ham fans hearing they’ve never come from behind in the London Stadium… #WHUBHA pic.twitter.com/HTwXiT6g91

— FromTheLane (@FromTheLaneTHFC) October 20, 2017

Joe Hart though. The journos were right. Pep got it wrong….

— Monkey Sponge (@monkey_sponge) October 20, 2017


West Ham have helped us move up the premier league table more than we have done for ourselves #efc

— Everton Fans (@Everton_Fans) October 20, 2017

West Ham season ticket for sale. £2.50 or best offer @WHUFC_News @WestHamUtd @davidgold

— Matt Turner (@mattturner_97) October 20, 2017


Turning ugly at West Ham, fans storming out. pic.twitter.com/cuRzplnagd

— Rob (@Goddardinho) October 20, 2017

Remember when the West Ham owners thought they were going to win the Champ League, Prem, FA Cup, & X Factor because they got a free stadium

— betclever (@bet_clever) October 20, 2017

At this stage it feels like we should all gather round a whiteboard to come up with suggestions for what else Joe Hart could do for a living

— Nick Miller (@NickMiller79) October 20, 2017

Brighton haven’t won Away this season…

West Ham pic.twitter.com/msCXr2zLqk

— ⚒Stevie Sizzle ⚒ (@TheSullis) October 20, 2017

We can’t defend full stop.

— Spencer FC (@SpencerOwen) October 20, 2017

No point giving travel information now, everyone left 20 minutes ago

— 父 Adam Smith 父 (@Adam27996) October 20, 2017

Who would you rather see managing West Ham?

RT for Elijah Wood's character in Green Street
❤️ for Slaven Bilic pic.twitter.com/TvRUI6WwM9

— BenchWarmers ⚽️ (@BeWarmers) October 20, 2017

West Ham won’t even pay for a claret turf around the pitch they ain’t going to pay Bilic off.

— Uber West Ham (@UberWestHam) October 20, 2017

GoFundMe page to pay Bilic off?

— West Ham Central (@WestHam_Central) October 20, 2017

The boos at West Ham are so loud the players can hear them from the pitch, surpassing the 500 feet between the grass and front row. #FNF

— UNILAD Football (@UNILADFooty) October 20, 2017